Bottom Crank Heart Gear

by jneilliii Jan 31, 2015
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Just finished printing the 1-2 version but it keeps disintegrating as soon as I try to turn it. The parts just start popping off. Any tips?

Did you use the file 09_1-2_test.stl? The originally uploaded one was the same as the other gear ratio and may be causing your issues.

I'm afraid I did. I hope I can get it detached from parts 8, 10 and 11 since I am not too keen on reprinting them :).

Could you please help me with 09_1-2 and 09_2-3?
Seems both files are identical, could you please upload one?

I just uploaded a revised 09_1-2_test.stl file. Give that one a try and let me know if it needs any adjustments.

Thank you so much!
It's perfect!

Cool, don't forget to post your make!

Is there dimensions to each individual part? Because I would like to make my own in Auto Cad or Solid works.

09_1-2.stl and 09_2-3.stl which you have uploaded are the same files, 09_1-2 which you have uploaded don't match in items 1-2, plese check, thanks!

Just uploaded revised 09_1-2_test.stl file. Give that one a try and let me know if there are any necessary adjustments.

Is 01_2-3 through 09_2-3 one heart and 01_1-2 through 09_1-2 a different heart?

Yes, those are separate hearts. The 2-3 and 1-2 denotes the gearing ratio as described in emmett's original design instructions. I have not created the 5-6 version.

Thank you very much! Just to double check, items 9-11 are compatible with both?

9 has geared versions, 10, 11, and the pins are the same for both.

Thank you for the fast replies! I didn't know if I would get one or not. Thank you for being dedicated to your build!

I printed the direct drive vesion and found that it is too tall for the outer shell/sleeve height. Any chance you could lower it? It looks to be too tall by the height of the lid thickness.

That or the outer sleeve could be extended.

So I went back and looked at my SkecthUp model and it does look right. Not sure if I uploaded the wrong stl export or something like that. I've added the SketchUp model to the files section so anyone can download and modify as needed.

How much of a gap is design in from the bottom of the sleeve to the top edge of the hand crank bottom grip? I have about 4mm which seems large.
I don't use sketch up (though I am sure an edit like this wouldn't be difficult) so I might just redesign the sleeve as that will be pretty simple to do. I'll post a make when I get home and you'll see what I mean more clearly.

I added an x-ray view of the bottom assembly so you can see what I mean about the notch.

I did some shaving to make the notch fit, it isn't the issue. I posted some pics as a make and you can see that with the heart removed the crank does not recess inside the sleeve.

So it's definitey not 4mm, the gap between parts should be .5mm. The notch on the end of the heart_center_new file is 4mm though, are you sure that the end of the shaft is fully seating into the bottom_crank part? I didn't leave much tolerances in my design, so it may be pretty tight and require some trimming.

Just did some measurements and the crank is 26mm tall and 4mm are used for the grip portion. The sleeve is 20.5mm tall but 4mm are used for the lid portion. This leaves 22mm of crank to recess into 16.5mm of sleeve, leaving a 5.5mm gap.

This clearly isn't an issue with your make. Is it possible you exported the wrong sleeve file?

You're totally correct. I went back and looked at my files and actually uploaded the wrong sleeve. I've updated this thing with the longer sleeve that should have been uploaded originally, sorry.

Thanks, printing now and starting a second as well.

How did it turn out the second go around?

Good catch, I didn't print that version so not fully tested. I'll see if I can update this in a little bit.

Comments deleted.

Thanks. I was actually surprised no one had done it already.