Lithophane Lampshade#3 Valentine

by MakeALot Feb 2, 2015
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Just so every one knows, the generator (http://3dp.rocks/lithophane) needs revising. There were a lot of mesh errors. So bad that the STL checker hosted by Microsoft fails. Certain repair tools get it close enough that the STL checker hosted by Microsoft finally does it. I recently did a firmware upgrade to Repetier 0.92 (mod for da vinci's). It's quieter now and has more capabilities.

funny how using this awesome http://3dp.rocks/lithophane site iv managed to make three awesome shades (all the same image so only uploaded the one time) so dont know what you are doing wrong but theres nothing wrong with the site and the mistakes are obviously coming from your end .. theres nothing wrong with the generator in fact its an awesome program/site and im proud to have it in my goto bookmarks!!!

I'm glad everyone knows, shame I didn't, what appears to be the problem?
About 5000 people use it every day without reporting any issue, 3000 are repeat users.

Oops I forgot the "just". Anyway, it's the edges between the curved face and the two edges. They are too big in diameter and left open. Its in the cylinder mode.

Try putting a white border at the top and bottom of your image. Or using the border parameter on the model settings.

Tried that and it still messed up. That reminds me. There were 2 other issues. The file browse button does not replace the image if it is the same name and the border setting goes on all 4 sides of the image, leaving a strip of border on the wrapped side.

The first one is a browser issue, the second one is doing as you specified and placing the border on all 4 sides, just do the top and bottom. BTW, if you have troubles with the output, netfabb will always fix them, also, you'll often find that the slicer wont have any issue with the models even though they appear 'broken'.

The other thing is that is an open source project, you're quite welcome to download, modify and post changes if you fix something.

For those who do not have top and bottom, i have made a mod using 123d design in which I shrunk (X, Y only) a copy and subtracted from the original to make a 0.4mm thick, indented, wall. I ran into this with my da Vinci 2.0A Duo. I am getting ready to post as remix.

Hello there

I am using cura and i made the settings as u said 0.3 layer height
0 top or bottom 0 infill but its taking 10 hrs

Try setting the shell thickness to your nozzle diameter (0.4 or 0.5) this should then take about 3 hours.

I'm using Cura, and it's giving me a 38 hour print time, and saying it'll use 40m! Now I know that's not right, but I'm wondering if anyone knows which setting is throwing it? I usually use Cura on my Mac, and am now using a PC, so I'm not sure if there's a default setting somewhere that I'm not aware of.

I think you need to set "Bottom/Top thickness (mm)" to 0 and the fill to 0%

Hello, I'm new and trying to make this stuff.
Why is there a roof on the STL file and not on the photo?

Thank you!

This is a perimeter only print with no bottom or top layer, you fool the printer into printing just the outside layers with
No fill, No roof, No floor and 2 shells
i.e. set "Bottom/Top thickness (mm)" to 0 or if you have a Makerbot, create a custom settings file and set the roof and floor thickness to 0

What printer/slicer are you using?

Repetier or Cura, depending on what object (I have some issues with both :-) ) . It's Ok, i'll try with repetier and make it with no fill, no roof no roof !
Thank you

Did you try spiralizing it?

No, I'd love to see a picture if you do.

holy shit that is f ing cool i already downloaded it lololololololol

These are absolutely beautiful!

Thanks Miguel, I'll tell Sophie you said so.
Did you try the tool: http://3dp.rocks/lithophane ? Presents for the family for Christmas...
I'd love to see one milled on your CNC machine, in Yew maybe, the detail would be even better.

Please do tell her that she does great work, my wife loves it!

Thanks, I will.

Can I ask how you were able to transfer the sketch on to a cad object? The only way I know how to do that is to import a jpg and trace every single line.

Go here: http://3dp.rocks/lithophane
Drag your jpg file onto the bottom panel,
set Max Size (MM) to 300, Thickness (MM) to 2,Form to 360 solid shell
Then click on your image. An .STL file will automatically be transferred to your download folder.
Try using Chrome of Firefox if you have any troubles.

"No roof, No floor" ? are those makerware specific settings? .. anyone know what the CURA equivalent of these are?

I think you need to set "Bottom/Top thickness (mm)" to 0

Ok thanks ill give it a try ..

really like what you are doing here. Creativity is off the charts. People need to see this and learn from it :) It opens up a lot of new ideas for me