OUYA Game Console Enclosure

by MakerBot Mar 27, 2013
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I'll just say that this really is a good design. It printed PERFECTLY in ABS at the recommended settings and much more than that, made the OUYA USABLE! The metal design of the enclosure was awful for the poorly designed bluetooth controller setup. Putting it in this case utterly fixed all OUYA controller lag issues I was having.

As an aside, I printed the button in Taulman T-glass and the light transmission is fantastic :)

If you're interested, time compressed video of the base being built. Using the suggested settings, it took 3hrs, 45mis. Final weight around 45g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gE1pdgYiv7Mhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Hey MakerBot! How about trying to get the controller designs up? Would love to try to cook up some ergonomic alternatives and improvements to the OUYA controller.

Hello Folks! I took that 17 meg file and shrunk it to around 238k. It came out pretty nice. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:68087http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

OUYA Video Game Console - TEENY FILE!

taged as makerbotspam – who came up with this? nice. made my day. maye we sould use the "report as inappropriate" flag as well.

I'll receive the consolle asap.
Anyone know if exist some site on that we can print a project without to have a printer in house?

shapeways prints your 3d models for you

Anyone have a guess of how long it would take to print (estimate) as well as an estimated cost to print?

Silly if i can't buy a console without enclosure.

Well it's open hardware, right? So you can build your own now, including the case :)

It comes with an enclosure :D
Its meant to be hacked and modified so why not start off with a custom case

Official public release isn't till June but the first lot started shipping on the 28th of this month to Kick Starter backers so even if most of the people only comment to complain about the case turning up on here, I for one am glad that the files have came out so that I can print a case for my Ouya in Laywoo. Thanks MakerBot

Another thinly veiled sales pitch for a weak and overpriced printer. Try LulzBot or RepRapPro for a printer that can print this and more..

Oh man, for a second there I thought Makerbot released the designs for something that people wanted the designs to.

Ok Makerbot, is this a slutty form of paid advertising??! I'm not impressed at all, it doesn't even release til June.

Isn't the OUYA going to come with a case?!

I believe so, but this could lead to interesting derivatives

Why 50 shells on the button? Is that to get a spiral pattern for the light to come through?

I had no issue printing the spring with the defaults in ABS. The top is actually the trickier part to print.

Awesome! Please post STEP files.


What should the overall dimensions be in mm? Every design program I import this into resizes it to well over 2,000mm. Blender, Sketchup. Also a .smb file would be great for those who use autocad123D.

Why bother posting this when we can't buy the board..

the name of the console OUYA just sounds retarded to me. cant pronounce that..
call the printed ones like PrintYA or MakerYA...

Retarded names didn't stop the Wii or the WiiU

Nice going. Now please post the link to the OEM Ouya hardware :)