f Oculus Rift - Bee (DIY Oculus)

by spyfeedback Feb 3, 2015
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How much would it cost?

That's hardcore awesome! You should be featured on make!

What is Your lens diameter?

used the 5x pocket lenses from ebay as suggested but to get the 3d effect i have to point the lenses in wards, any idea why?

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Estimated spyfeedback, it was the files slicer with the repetier host, and was delivering mistakes, uses Cura, for slicer as you were indicating it in a previous comment and I solve the problem, thanks.

Friend, checking the files STL, tries to print them but they were damaged, if it could upload them again, i been grateful, I have the printer prusa i3, thank you.
note: I have everything else working OK, the LCD, the edid spoofer, and the headtracking, mounted in a googles of cardboard, with the lenses x5 aspheric.

Hi,Spyfeedback. i have a question.

Tracker: I changed the Stm32F3Discovery board to Will1384's tracker, STM32F103C8T6 board with MPU-6000.

this tracker could play steamvr?

OH .man ..This suit is great! i like it so much!

but i have some questione ..

1.How to adjust interpupillary distance?
2.my 3d printe is prusa i3 ?The generation of GCODE specific ways you can help me?


Thank you!

  1. You don't have to adjust the interpupillary distance because the magnifiers are pretty big and wide. But if you want to adjust anyway, you can do it in the oculus SDK config utility.
  2. I am using Repetier Host for my prusa. The slicer engine is Cura. I printed all the parts on 0.2 mm layer heights with support type: Touching bed.
    Print speed: 50 mm/s. (awerage)

Have a nice day!

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Are you using the eBay "5x pocket loupe Aspheric Lens" or "UltraOptix 7X lenses" or some other lens, also what screws are you using, it looks like M3, do you know the length, what about the padding and elastic strap?

It looks like you used a 7in LCD, and also looks like you extended the wires going to the LCD with something like network cable, or HDMI cable, and ran the wires to an external box to house the LCD controller board, did you have any interference problems.

Also it looks like the STM32F3DISCOVERY is housed behind the LCD, is that correct?


Sorry for the late response!

  • Yes I am using the 5X pocket Loop magnifier whitch is too big but i can't find smaller.
  • The screws are M3 * 20.
  • I don't have any interference problem because in the external box include only the power supply for the LCD back lightning. The LCD control panel and the SMT32F3 Discovery is located in the HMD. You see it well, it is a network cable but it used only for the stm32 and the LCD power.

I added an extra photo to the slideshow.


Thanks for the information, I remember reading about the lenses used in the DK1 and one of the first ones they tried were the "UltraOptix 7X lenses" Google "SV-2LPLED", I am not sure on the focus distance, one web page said "Lens size: 35mm (1.4") and Working distance: 31mm (1.25")" and another web page said the lenses were 1.5 inches in diameter, were the the "5x pocket loupe Aspheric Lens" focus distance is right about 2 inches, and the lenses are 2 inches in diameter.

To help with the weight, it might be helpful to print the parts with as little "fill" as possible, also I wonder about trying to make the 3D models like a skeletal structure, then gluing a light opaque fabric to it after it is printed out, to cover the holes.

One trick I used to help with the weight on my DIY Rift is to use "welding helmet headgear" and to put the tracker board on top of the headgear, however it can be a little tricky to get the tracker adjusted to be level like this.

Hi Will! :) I just recognized your nick name! :) I was reading your post on MTBS3D forum and I cant wait to change my STM32F3 to your tracker what you built! :)

Yep I am also on reddit over on the DIYRift subreddit, I am still not sure about the HMC5983 board, I have tested it a few times with and without the HMC5983 board and there was not a noticeable difference, but I only tested a few demos, for a few minutes each, however I do believe that over time a longer period of time you would get more drift without the HMC5983 board, but if the game has the ability to reset the orientation you might be able to deal with the drift, and I am also not sure about the necessity of the extra steps dealing with PIN 9 of the HMC5983 board.

Something else to remember is that the tracker boards have to be orientated in a very specific way, you will need to plan ahead before you solder wires to them, the wires might interfere with the tracker boards orientation.

Awesome job!
Any final result?
Do you plan to do a tutorial or a sum up?
I am already ordered the parts from ebay!!! :)

Yea it works well, you can find the tracker info over on reddit at:


and over in the Meant to be Seen forum:


Its a pain to get the HMC5983 board connected correctly, and I am not 100% sure it is helping all that much, but I am thinking that with longer usage times it may be helping, but I only use the DIY Rift for short amounts of time due to VR sickness, other than the soldering the only other trouble is setting up the software to make the firmware from the open-source files, the software has changed and no longer installs the same way, and was kinda a pain to setup, but once its working its not to hard to use, you do have to edit the "Tracker.coproj" file, there is some info over in:


I was trying to get a multicopter flight control board to work as a DIY rift tracker, but failed, I had taken it for granted that the connections would be the same or similar, but I learned the Rift tracker firmware could be flashed to many different STM32F103 devices, but that the connections to the MPU6000 and HMC5983 had to be the same as the real Rift tracker before it would work as a tracker.

Thank you for the lot of information. :)
Would you be so kind and share with me the compiled .hex or .bin file somehow? Maybe on Gdrive or Dropbox.
It would be much easier to flash the device.

I decided to put the firmware with the all the open-source Oculus Rift DK1 files, because I was unsure of the legality of sharing the made firmware by its self, makes the download a little over 12MB, I changed nothing other than adding a folder with the pre-made firmware and a TXT file explaining what I said, and the edit needed to the Tracker.coproj file.


If needed, I will take this link down, I don't want to get in legal trouble.

thanks so much.

Thank You Will! :)