Filament Spool and Smart Controller holder for Prusa i3

by ChicagoRobot Feb 3, 2015
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This looks great! Do you have the CAD files? I'm looking to modify it slightly for a 9mm frame.

Sorry i though there should be additional plate for the bottom but looking through the photo and understand the making, can i know whether in this case the LCD card will have any issue, as my prusa I3 shake too much. I'm worry the shake will break the LCD, you any expert guide me on this?

Hi, do you have the 3d model of the plate to screw the spool holder at the bottom together? to stable the spool holder?

hi, i've just finished printing the first of these parts and the overhanging parts haven't came out well, did you add supports for these when printing? or do you have any other suggestions on how to fix this?

You have to setup - generate support material in Slic3r , or whatever program you are using for both parts before slicing and printing. I'm using Slic3r - go to Print Settings -> Support material -> enable support material generation (default is no)

thanks for the info, as you may have worked out I'm a 3d printing noob lol, I googled after posting here and found out about getting the slicer to add supports for overganging parts and the right side piece came out much better, though the left is still very usable as it was solid enough by the time it got to the actual lcd mounting holes. I'm currently having to use curaengine as my slicer as slic3r doesn't want to work in my install of repetier for some reason. anyway enough babbling from me, and many thanks for sharing your design! btw what software do you use for drawing your designs?