Rotating Nozzle Platform

by edlep Feb 4, 2015
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He Edlep

I have basically finished printing and assembling the rotating platform.



I have some questions:

1) To where the stepper motor (for rotating the extruders) should be connected?
2) To where the auto level endstop switch should be connected?

Is there any schematic?

Many thanks


Hi Alan,

Well done ! (a longer bottom version ?)
Don't forget as well the supplementary endstop for the rotation.
There is no general wiring (it depends of your electronic board).
For the motor, you need a free stepper motor driver. Same thing for the auto-level endstop (you can for example use a free Z-max pins).
The most difficult is to change your firmware to be able to use/move the platform.
You can use my Marlin fork for that: https://github.com/Edlep/Marlin/tree/feature/rotating_nozzle_platform
I hope that answers your question.


Dear edlep,

Yes, a longer bottom to accommodate E3D v5 head. I am using RAMPS 1.4. There are 5 stepper motor drivers, but all of them have been used: 3 for x, y, z , 2 for extruder. How can I get one more stepper motor driver? Can you share your way?
For the auto-lever endstop. Thanks, I have experience. I have downloaded your firmware. I will read them through.

There is another switch at the side of the platform, where should this switch be connected to ?

Many thanks


Unfortunately, you really need one more stepper driver :/ (I use a Megatronics v3.0 board, with 6 drivers). I don't know if/how you can add one on the RAMPS 1.4, sorry.
I connected the rotation endstop on the X_MIN PIN.


Hi Edlep,

Do you think Megatronics v2.0 board can do the job. Do you know any difference between them?



I don't know exactly the difference, but it should do the job, yes.


Thanks so much edlep.
Then, I need to figure out how to over come this problem.



Thanks so much edlep.

You design is quite cool.

I want to follow you to make one.
I have some questions:
1) I can't find the bearing with 40mm i.d x 50mm o.d x 6mm wide., I can only find 40mm i.d x 52mm o.d x 7mm wide. Is it OK?
2) For the GT2 pulley, how many teeth?
Can you give me more image so that I can have more details of the rotating platform?

Thanks in advanced.


You can easily find one on ebay. It is just a bicycle headset bearing. (e.g.http://www.ebay.com/itm/6708-2RS-Ball-Bearing-For-Cane-Creek-Bicycle-Bike-40X50X6mm-Generic-/261351832653?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cd9c87c4d)
I use a 16 teeth pulley.
I'll try to upload supplementary images soon.

Thanks all for your comments.
I added some pictures, BOM and the files for the fan duck.

Shut up and take my money!!!! :D very cool indeed!!! eager to know more!!

Looking very promising!

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