EZStruder modified for soft filaments & TPE

by wcarver1 Feb 5, 2015
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I agree with dirron. The file seems to split around the middle by missing the printing on 2 layers. No matter what I have tried to fix the problem, including: changing layer thickness, infill amounts, running the file through Netfab and Sketchup, nothing has worked. Perhaps if you could simply try another export with the correct scale? Thank you for posting this very helpful modification.

I don't suppose you have a STEP file or something I could get my hands on? I don't know how to edit STL, but for some reason MatterControl doesn't like this file. It slices it in a really odd way that splits it into two pieces, essentially, and it splits in two without much effort.

For some reason when I open your base files in slicer or mattercontrol they are enormous. Do you know what the scale should be or what X Y and Z should be?

Nevermind i figured it out. I just added a decimal after the second digit and it fixed it. Not sure why it's missing.

Yeah, it's a SolidWorks artifact that I've only recently begun to compensate for; if you pull in an STL scaled in millimeters it changes it to meters. And I was too lazy/forgot to scale by 0.001 when I posted the file.

Thanks for designing this! It is the ONLY way we were able to get NinjaFlex to print. We had tried everything and had almost given up.

Be sure to throw some credit to Singh336, they did all the heavy lifting; I just tweaked it a bit :)

Hey this is awesome! I never bothered to update mine because after a few prints modifying the one I had a few times, I got it to work for me and print ninjaflex. I'll print one of these out and keep it aside incase mine breaks.

I noticed after many hours of printing that my brass fitting for the tube eventually backed out / stripped threads. I just screwed it back in with a drop of superglue and its been fine since.

Did you have to increase the clearance around the hobbed gear? I had to shave some clearance for mine there to fit, but I did so on purpose to get the closest fit I could at the time.

I thought I would have to modify the hob clearance, however it was an absolutely perfect slip fit on my system as you drew it; it was so accurate that the stepper would spin freely until it hung up on a burr from the set screw tap! On my first print - on the RoStock - I did chase it with a 21/64 reamer (about 8.33mm) and it fit very well. I printed this version on a Stratasys with dissolving supports so YMMV.

I've been developing an enclosure for our RoStock and the higher chamber temps warped the original print so bad the idler wasn't even in contact with the filament about halfway through a 12 hour print, so I decided to tackle this redesign.

I threw the tappable feature in just to save myself a few minutes; I had to keep drilling them out on each build rev to mount the fitting...