Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

League of Legends - Champions and more

by Paddypaddo Feb 5, 2015
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Pro Tip: These are blocky looking because they don't have vertex normals. You can compute the vertex normals in something like meshlab and they'll look a lot smoother. Whether that makes them easier or harder to print, I have no idea.

Can you make fiora please ?

can i get amatures an textures please

This is just insane. The best download of the year for sure. Man you did an amazing job. People usually only rip the main characters, but here you took way more than that. Such a huge library of basemesh to work on ! Thanks a LOT !

Lets run these files through the new MakePrintable App.

This is awesome, thanks for these :)

Could you please get Infernal Alistar in these files

I dont think so. Rito changed their code making me unable to extract the files any longer ;( im sorry but maybe you can ask or find here http://lol3dmodels.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0

Could you make the new poppy model available? she's so hard to find :3

I dont think so. Rito changed their code making me unable to extract the files any longer ;( im sorry but maybe you can ask or find here http://lol3dmodels.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0

Hi, I was looking through your files, and I was wondering how exactly you were accessing the model files? I've tried a few other sets of instructions without much luck.

If you can't help me with that, could you please upload Ironscale Shyvana in both human and Dragon forms?
Thanks, and great work!

Hey first of all Rito changed their code making me unable to extract the files any longer.

But I used RAF manager to extract the files. Then I used blender 2.5.4 with the lolblender plugin. It was a tedious job and not all the files were found and the newer once will always fail. Please check http://lol3dmodels.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0 for newer champions and skins.

Comments deleted.

Hey. What application do you normally load this in? Im having some trouble. Also, is it possible to change the file type so i can get it in Blender? Thanks. Also this is really cool.

Do you mean the slicer? I use flashprint of the flashforge developers.

Do you mean my 3d program? I always use blender. You can import stl files in blender. You may have to go to file- user preferences -import export -stl

Fast reply! Thanks this is really helpful.

Are you abled to make any of these champs or skins:
-Zac( just on 2 feet)
-(Eternum) Rek'sai
-Gnar (Dino)
Thanks for all beautifull Champs^^

Im not able to upload braum reksai and gnar. Please check http://lol3dmodels.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0 this guy has a lot moee than I do.
I can try to make zac on 2 feet, but maybe you can find him there as well

I checked the link that you've posted but i dont think i can print .obj files. so if you would be abled to get a Zac on 2 feet, i would be very grateful.

Sorry i assumed if someone was into 3d printing they also has some knowledge about moddeling.
You can easily import obj in eg blender and export it as stl.
If i can find some time ill try to modify zac for you

Nobody cares about Gromp :'(

I do care but it is not possible for me te extract and convert him. All new(er) /reworked mobs champions and skins don't work.

But there is someone who has a trick to do it or make the models himself: http://lol3dmodels.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0

Maybe gromp is one of the model by now

Thanks!, I haven't found it there, I will look for it regularly.

Someone wants me to print them the new Singed shoulders. Can you upload him?

I know little about the game.

Nice work man, thanks for this models

Can you upload all project skin into STL or SVG format?

Sry, but if you have any of these tell me:

  • Burrowed and Un-Burrowed Pool Party Rek' Sai
  • Spider and ''Human'' Blood Moon Elise
  • Normal Ekko
  • Ahri Academy
  • Shaco Wild Card
  • Slay Belle, Kitty Cat, Red Card Katarina

http://lol3dmodels.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0 check here are some more new ones also this guys upload 5 new models every week

Thanks for pointing it out I will check them out and post them in stl format here. Those will close the gap of my missing files

will you upload project skins?

as this guys said he has all the models and he will post them all in some queue so have to w8 long till get some models :S

damn he added all new project skins now :D

Any luck on new arcade skins?

Like new champions most skins are of order due to outdated importer and updated riot script. but when 've got some time i'll take a look

I would love Asylum Shaco please :)

Like new champions most skins are of order due to outdated importer and updated riot script. but when 've got some time i'll take a look


u can take ure time but any chances can the ekko.skn file be opened?

I do have the ekko.skn file, but it does not open here as well. It will help you somehow the obj file? I do have it! If so, tell me then I can send you..

I found sandstorm ekko on the web as a obj file. I converted him into stl and uploaded him

Paddypaddo, I have found both the sandstorm and the original version as obj, stl and skn/skl files... The obj and stl works fine, but the others don't. That is the help that I need from you, I do have a few ideas that we can discuss later, as soon as you can! =)
In the meantime, I already sent shadowstar123 the obj and stl files for both ekko skins.

Regards! =)

Thanks can you send those to me to? I don't think I can fix the problem because riot changed their code and the importer doesnt get any updates. So Im trying to get another way to get the stl files. But unfortunatly I didn't found one yet.

Did you found those on the web? I only found sandstorm.

If you get your hands on any other files of the newest skins or champions please let me know.

Hi all, I'm currently busy with my bachelor thesis and my last courses so I don't have much time to respond to some comments. But in 2 weeks the stress is over and I will take a look and help you all

Hi! I need your help! Can you please contact me in order to try to solve some issues and questions?

Thanks and regards!

Could you possibly do a "Victory" 3d model?

Could be flat on the back, but pop out a little bit on the front.

I will, but it can take a while because I'm busy with my thesis

do you have battlecast velkoz?

How long is the printing time? Thank you very much for this Thing!!

It depends on the quality and size of the figure you want to print. I only printed kennen but it was very small about 5cm tall. I don't remember how long it took but probably half an hour to an hour.

Let me know if you print one and how long it took. If you have any trouble contact me and maybe we can solve the problem.

Hi is there any chance you can get bard? its a new champ

I found the bard file but as I expected it didn't work. The file format changed and the file importer won't get updates because they don't care anymore.

its np m8 :) ty at least for trying

Could you add Officer Volibear by chance? I have been using maya with a plugin but it doesn't seem to like the newer skins

Sorry it doesn't seems to work either

Most of the time we share the same issue. Riot changed their skn format and now the plugins are dead. Nobody update the plugins. But I will take a look for you. Do you know the file name?

I only found Runewars Volibear Raf manager. I hate it when the program only shows a fraction of all data.

Thanks for trying, I had been trying to pull it off of custom skins from Leaguecraft to no avail, I have the .skn file but can't for the life of me figure out how to get it into an .obj or .stl without maya/plugin

can you give me the skn file or upload it somewhere? Then I can try to load it into blender or you can download blender 2.54 (from here: https://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.54beta/) and the lol blender plugin (from here: https://code.google.com/p/lolblender/) Only works with 2.54 blender.

could you take sweirzys pool party ziggs model and i need a model of the top of his head (just above the nose) so i can finish him. That would be great

I can take that model and I will upload it again.
The top of his head? from the pool party model or the normal skin file? Just the scalp?

Hey Man awesome set thank you!

I noticed gnar is missing from the list of hero's. Is there a problem with his model?

Yea I know. I only found one of his skin files and that one won't load unfortunately.
It's a shame that riot chose to reformat their skn files. My importer won't load new/updated or new champions .skn files.
Raf manager is not always able to find those either.

how do you find these? mabey I could try? (I NEED A GNAR FIGURE)(NOW)(PLEASE)

I tried but the newer champions and remastered ones have another format or some changes in their code so my method won't work in them but.

I used raf manager to extract the game files. There is already a problem here. Not all files can be found.
Besides that not all files will load when you use lol blender in blender 2.54. But most of the older champions will work and some can be imported with their armature so you can repose them very easy

raf manager can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jqskto3cfslmitd/RAFManager+1.6.0.zip
lolblender which is a addon for blender can be found here: https://code.google.com/p/lolblender/
blender 2.54 van be found here: https://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.54beta/

download all and install blender if you don't have it otherwise run it from the extracted zip. than go to file and select User preferences and select install add-on at the bottom search the lolblender file (.py) and install it. You may have to restart blender.

Make sure you're League is on you're c drive and in programfiles. Open rafmanager and you'll see a lot of files. All files ending with .skn are the files of the models. the .skl files are their skeletons. (dds are the textures) you can extract the files which you like.
then open up blender and go to file-import-League champions (skn/skl) and select your files and hit import. Most of the time this will work.

thanks ill see what i can do

Comments deleted.

Does someone have just the arm for the rumble, specifically the spiky one? It printed with a broken arm and I want to glue a new one on.

I'll make the part you need.

I uploaded the arm with that spiky thingy. I hope it fit because a part of the shoulder is modelled inside his torso.

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Awesome work! I'm going to reference some of this work in the future when I need some quick builds for future minis :-)

Can I trouble you for a Varus Blighted Crystal?

I could not find any working varus skin. I'm sorry

I'll take a look for you today.
The skin is quite new so there is a possibility that the skin won't load into blender.

Thats saddening. Thanks for trying though. I'll upload some pictures of the other champs I'm printing out

Is there a possibility you can find project yasuo skin?

I was only able to convert only one skin of him and uploaded it

really want the other one i like the helmet very much :D can you try get the other one too pls :) will apreciate

I'll take another look for you but I think it's not possible.
Riot is bussy changing their skin format but the lol importer isn't updated.

i know about this but the most files you got in here is after the map change and the skin was older than those :D

I found the skn file but it just wont load in blender

Comments deleted.

Hey could you make teemo printable? I tried printing him and it gave me an error..

Hey I took a look at zed and I made some adjustments to his feet. They're now completely flat at the bottom. My slicer (slic3r and skeinforge) didn't gave any error. So I think he probably is printable with supports. Just becareful when you snap the support.

the models are not made for printing so there will be a lot of errors. I was already trying to fix teemo because he is terrible for printing :P

Tried slicing? Mine sliced pretty well but I don't like the error messages

Yea I kept getting error messages..

Will Zed print well? I was thinking about printing him.

The models are Just ripped out of the game so they are not ideal for 3d printing.
most of the time the errors are caused by vertices inside the model. So it's not 1 mesh but a composition, a good game modeling technique but horrible for printing. My printer says the model got errors but it will create a nice Looking gcode.

I don't know about zed but I will take a look

Does Zed seem ideal for it?

Alright man, thank you.

I would love to get a Spirit Guard Udyr if you could find the time :D

Spirit guard skin is one of the newer skins. This wont load. Also reworked skins and the newest champs wont load due to the fact that the lol importer is outdated and riot changed something in their skin files

I uploaded Spirit Guard Udyr:
I found him here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:28402

League of Legends Champion Compilation

Great work!!! So happy you took the time to extract these for all of us :)

Wondering if it would be possible to upload a syndra one, and possibly malzahar's voidling. I can't wait to print some of these guys.

I hate to say that syndra won't load in blender. I think I the skn file is already updated. But I found the voidling ;)

well thats fine:) super excited to bump that thing to a huge scale. Also I have one more question on how you printed your kennen model. I tried putting kassadin and thresh models (believe this is true of all models) into my slicing program (simplify 3D) and they are completely hollow. When I try adding support structures, the support pillars either combine with the model and go through it, or they cant be placed at all.

Any idea on whats happening or how to work around it?

kassadin was hollow so I uploaded the new model. If this happend again. Download blender and open the stl file. click on the model. Hit Z followed by b and select the botom dots. Hit F and most of the time the model isn't hollow anymore. Just export the model again as stl.

Thresh has some other issues, he has flying parts like in game. To fix this nicely it will take some time. He is printable with supports though just leave some supports under his head etc. I sliced him on high with a layer height of 0.15 mm and it looks nice.

I will take a look. The lol models contains double vertices and and some other modeling techniques can cause the errors.

details are not really part of the model but placed inside.

I will try tresh and kassadin later today using ffx slicer and meshmixer

i need braum, upload please

I found his skn files (also for kalista and Azir) but they won't import in blender yet. I'm sorry.

Wow very well done. Thank you so much! Could you do poro rider sejuani? I would print it in a heartbeat.


I knew someone would asked for it but unfortunately I could not find the model of Poro rider sejuani for you.

I have some other if you want though. A normal Poro is uploaded maybe you get creative and make your own poro rider sejuani.

It's alright. I tried to make a poro rider sejauni but didn't know where to start.

here is my try to make poro rider sejuani: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:674515
Let me know what you think

Attempted to make poro rider sejuani

Thank you so much! I will try to print it this week and I will post the results!

I'm trying to remix skins of sejuani and edit the mesh to make my own version of poro rider sejuani. hopefully it will look good enough