EZStruder Trick Laser Arm Mount for Rostock MAX/Orion/etc.

by 626Pilot Feb 7, 2015
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Could you make a version of the slotted arm for 77mm spacing instead of 50mm spacing? Swapping over to Jfettig's effector design, think I can gain some z height and rigidity.

The slot is actually a lot longer than it needs to be. Try it out and see if it'll work. If not, let me know and I'll whip something up the next time I'm in Sketchup.

I saw the extra slop, but I don't think its quite enough to allow an extra 2.7cm distance. If you could that would be great.

Alright, in a couple minutes a version stretched 30mm longer will be available.

Hey Pilot. Do you find the extra weight on the arms to have any effect on printing?

It doesn't seem to matter. I have a Z-probe which lets me test repeatability, and repeatability is the same with or without the motor mounted to the arms. Our steppers are not used at full capacity, so they have enough slack to handle the weight. The closeness to the carriage U-joints also significantly limits the parasitic inertia over what it would be if mounted on or near the effector.

I would be worried about the weight on the carriage at a hard angle, like when the effector is maxed out at the opposite side of the plate from that tower. I could see some skipping on the belts when it tries to move quickly.

I printed all the parts, but the locking nuts seem quite loose. I can't pull them out without rotating them, but I'd be worried they would simply rotate and fall out themselves during printing. Are yours this loose? Printing in PLA by the way, so it should be due to shrinkage. All other parts seem to fit together well.

That is possible, I suppose, but most of my prints don't go all the way to the edge. Acceleration settings should be some help there, and there's a feature request on the KISSlicer forums for making Delta g-code slow down when one or more arms get close to horizontal.

I used #6-32 nylon locknuts from McMaster-Carr, and they fit like a glove. The hex-shaped holes for them on the back arm plates allow a little room, but not enough that they'd rotate. There are no hex-shaped holes on the extruder mount, though.

What material do you recommend these to be printed in? Yours look like PLA?

I always print in PLA. I guess ABS would work fine too.