Nexus 4 Bumper (Universal Cellphone Case)

by AzureViolin Mar 28, 2013
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Any chance you could make a version without the text?
Or even better a Customiser version so we can add our own text?

Please read the instructions. There's IGS and STP file that you can download and modify yourself.

For some reason, the top side of the case is .1mm or so higher than the bottom of the case (the whole thing is angled) so I can't get it to print flat and/or correct. It will complete the gear section then on layer 3 or so it will start outlining the top of the case, which is already off the platform by that time.

Sorry to hear that. Either your printing platform is warped, or there's problem with your slicer. I've been printing this model with no problem at all, and non of the other guys who have printed this reported the same thing.

I just re-slice the file with makerware 2.1, and it turns out you are right. It didn't happen with previous version of Makerware and slic3r, when I first designed this file. So I guess there's something going on with Makerbot slicer that changes this.

Anyway if you turn the model 0.06 degree around x axis, you'll be fine with 0.15mm layer height print. Before you print with your machine, use gcode visulizer tool like http://gcode.ws/http://gcode.ws/ to make sure the first layer is right.

I had to rotate this so the back was on the build platform, and then it seemed to work fine.

Yes, that's the correct direction.

No raft, ABS "glue" on the platform to prevent warping.

Wondering what you used for ABS glue. Eager to print this thing sans raft.

Just some junk ABS dissolved in Acetone.

AzureViolin, I'm printing this right now because I do not have access to a bumper for my Nexus 4 where I am. I only noticed that there was something written on the side. Is that "Dorabot"?

I guess I'll find out once the print's done. It's not very readable in Makerware.

Yes, it's Dorabot, another project of mine. I design this to protect my own Nexus 4 as well as a practice of new CAD tool. Feel free to change the STEP or IGS file and replace the "Dorabot" part with your own name/logo/symbol.

This is really tricky to print. Have printed twice with supports on and using the default position (Dorabot label on the plate). Can't help breaking the model when I try pulling the supports out. Any tips?

Sorry it's not supposed to be printed as default direction. The "back" side with open hardware gear logo should be the "down" side and the first layer to print.
I'll update the model now.

I rotated this so that the gear logo was on the platform, like all the other bumpers.

Thanks for the tip. I think my problem is with my PLA material (white). I'm having a hard time getting it to stick on the plate, either acrylic or with painters tape. It seems the surface area is too wide and the first layer just looks messed up so I stop printing early on. If I add a raft, the raft just gets messed up too. Using Makerware+Grue. More to learn about slicers....