Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Smite Gods

by Paddypaddo, published

Smite Gods by Paddypaddo Feb 7, 2015


UPDATE: I'm currently working on posing and making the gods more smooth and more printable, thanks to sqrenbalje

Did I missed a God or is there a new one please tell me and I will upload the god as soon as possible.

This is directly extracted and converted from the Smite folder.

I did not create this and do not own it.

Yet, I didn't try to print these myself. If you have to much trouble printing it please let me know. Did you try to print one of the models please share your experience.

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I did not print the models yet but I'll let you know my experience when I go print these.
Please let me know you're experience about the models to improve the models and printing settings

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I printed Ares, it came out great, only for you to know, print him sideways because as he is thin and the shield and sword are bigger than him, it can break meanwhile making the sword like it happened to me. Make sure to put supports on it too.

Awesome man, any more to come?

if you could add Khepri and Ratatoskr

Im trying to add a remix of this bit its not letting me. hmmmm

see message pls.

please, could you put a circular platform or some support to the legs of Poseidon ?
It would be great.

Can you add loki in his infiltrator/white death skin?
I want to print it for my friends birthday next week, so please reply once you've added it.

It has been a while that I extracted and uploaded something but I will give it a try and see what I can do for you.

Could you add Ratatoskr please?

Can you run the models through the new MakePrintable app? It will save you and us a ton of time.

Can you get Bellona?

you missed the new gods like Ratatoskr, Raijin, Chiron, Amaterasu, Skadi...

Awesome 3D figures, is there any way to make the models more "round" and real if you understand? I have read all the comments and thanks for your replys. I will try to print one of the models today, probably Bacchus. I'm new to 3D printing, but i will upload the result. I don't know how much support the different models need, but i bet it is pretty much because of all the details.

Hi I know what you mean but I cant do it within at least the next 6 hours but I can tell you how I would try to do it.
I always use blender (found on blender.org). Blender has an add-on (already included) which let you import stl files. If you have the model in blender hold control and hit 2. Most of the time it works fine. The look for a wrench like picture at the right. There will be a subsurf modifier which you have to apply. By then you can export the model as stl and you are ready to go.

Thank you very much, Blender made the model very smooth and round. Now the only problem i have is i can't print the model. I use Makerbot Replicator 2 and it shows the model and everything but when i press print preview there is nothing. So i don't know of the printer is compatible with windows 8 :-(.

I think there is another problem. These models are ripped out the game and not completely solid. Somethimes there are holes in the model which will cause faillure in creating the .g file. A quick way is open blender and under de wrench tab search for the solidify modifier and apply this. With some luck this is enough.

The best way to troubleshoot this problem is by opening blender again selecting the model and entering edit mode by hitting tab and search for problems like holes. A quick way to find loose pieces is hitting L on a spot. The will select only a loose piece.
Alt + m will bring multiply dots (vertices) at a spot and join the pieces. You will have to do the for the entire piece and model.

The solidify modifier wil always help fixing some parts

If you say which model you're working on then I can start helping to fix the model

Okay i will try. Yeah so my plan is to make these 3D Smite models to make giveaways on live stream, so it's a pretty big task, because i actually want all of the models. So far i try to get Bacchus to work because he looks like the most solid and easiest to make.

Naah seems like i can't get it to work :-(.

Nice. Thats a huge task indeed. How often do you want to do a give away? Because maybe I can help you with fixing them so we all will be able to print them

I already printed a fenrir so that one will work at least at my flash forge dreamer.

Yeah that would be a huge help! I don't quite know yet, maybe every 14th day or something like that. Okay so a friend of mine just came over and plugged his laptop and the file is loading a lot longer, I think there is hope!

Ive send you a private message

You missed Sun Wukong, if you can get the old version that would be awesome too! XD

Sorry for the late response, but I will take a look and upload both (if I can find the old one). I thought I already uploaded him but I probably missed him.

You missed nuwa and rama, if you can get the old version that would be awesome too! XD

I saw you mentioned using Blender for a lot of the different Poses/Splitting/Importing. I'm a 2nd Year Mech. Engineering Student in College and I'm just getting into some of the 3D modeling CAD programs, etc. I was wondering if you might give a short rundown on how to pose the models in Blender?

Do the .stl files have the "bones" in them already to be able to pose, or do they need added? I thought I read that you said they had them already there, so I guess I'm stuck trying to find/use the "pose mode" in Blender. I'm fairly new to most of this so forgive me if these are beginner questions.

I'm assuming it's easier to pose in Blender than to try in Solidworks?

Thanks in Advance!

Solidworks is a great program but I don't think it is capable of doing poses.

the models you make do not have bones connected to them automatically. You have to add bones and make them work together. In blender you can add bones in object mode (orange cube) by pressing shift A and then select armature. This will give you a single bone. your job is to get the bones where you want it to be. Press E with a piece of bone selected to extrude the bone. If you have your bones right you have to tell the program how each bone is altering your model. A quick but sloppy way of doing this is by selecting de model first then your bones press control P and select parent with automatic weights. hopefully this works for you. If it doesn't you have to weight paint your model.

Please check the noob to pro book of blender. this site is very clear and usefull for beginners and still for me. After this a pose mode can be used on the bones and the model will deform with it.


It's true I said that the models already had bones because I ripped the models from the game. The game Used the bones to create the animations. In stead of shifting vertices/edges/faces from the model for each single frame.

Thanks for the quick response. I actually had taken a look at that exact page in the wiki prior to posting. Between what you said and the wiki page I was able to create an Armature Structure inside the model, but when attempting to pose after meshing the model with the armature (with the armature as the parent) there was no movement of the model. The Model name was underneath the Armature name in the Scene Box:
For example:


Is this incorrect? As this is what the wiki page demonstrates. I tried both ways, but it seemed neither worked.

You said "the models already had bones because I ripped the models from the game," is it possible to get the files with the bones then?

for the smite models you can download Umodel from here: http://www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel
Copy the folder character folder from [Driver\etc]\Hi-Rez Studios\HiRezGames\smite\BattleGame\CookedPC\
you have to copy it because you don't want to damage smite.
Then start Umodel, leave all settings the same and search for you copied folder. By then you can extract all (won't work perfectly a lot are missing or will miss some parts) or you can search for a model and extract that. It will make a folder inside your copied folder.

So now you converted a upk file to a psk file.
The psk file can be imported into blender.
To enable the import go to
file-user preferences and type psk. Enable the hit you got and save it. If you have no psk thingies found check here: https://developer.blender.org/T21366

Now you can import the psk file by going to file-import-psk search your model and voila.

You may have to select the bones hit tab and press R+180+ENTER. Most of the time the bones are rotated by 180 degrees.
For running it smoother. go to edit mode of the model (god) and select everything (by pressing A). In the tool bar on your left (hit T to hide/unhide it) go to tools-transform and search for Remove doubles. Now you can select the bones and pose the model (control tab to enter pose mode).

The bones are not always working well and there are some useless bones.

I hope you can manage it and hope you have fun with it.
For learning how to use the armature and stuff on your own models please check the tuts and videos because they are great and very usefull. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QGtBvvQbnc

If you have any trouble leave a comment and I will help you out. If you can't or won't download umodel and stuff leave a comment and I will upload the psk files for you.

PS: This trick will work with a lot of games running on Unreal engines 1 till 3

Has anyone Applied this technique to Tribes? (also made by hi-rez) I saw it on the compatibility list, but alas don't read russian.

Maybe I'm blind, but I see old Baka but not his remodel. Do you think you could add the remodel version of Baka? (Unless I'm totally missing something and if I am mY BAD LOL...)

I think you're right. I almost had all first versions uploaded. I'll upload it as I can.

If you guys want a v2 p lease leave comment

WOOOOOW this is sooo cool!!!!! I have been loking for something like this for a long time.
I just got a 3d printer and so i'm new to all this. Could you help me to split on parts Thor so that i can print it?
Is it posible to put one hand up holding the hammer?

I will split Thor for you.
I will try to make his arms loose so you can pose them any way you want.

Like league of legends to?
Check: thingiverse.com/thing:668894

League of Legends - Champions and more

yes i like also league of legends XD

If its too much work the pose, just split it

thank you very much

Splitting it is harder to do xD
The models have bones so I can pose them easely.

For splitting I have to try to get eg the whole arm but not his s houder to separate that.

the Tyr file is a model of ullr

and there is no thor

Thanks for saying. Within a few hours I will fix it.

Fixed it.
Thor and Tyr are added

If you see more flaws please report it so I can fix it.

A new god just came out, Medusa. Just wanted to let you know :)

Thanks for keeping me up to date.
I think I already missed a few.
Currently I have to study for some important tests. I'm at the end of my bachelor.
So by the end of this month I probably have the newest gods uploaded.

Just uploaded some new god(des)s

I think Nox will be a nightmare for 3d printing

Is there any way that you could separate the trident from Poseidons hand. I am trying to print Poseidon as big as I can but the length of the trident is really limiting how big I can make it. I would be awesome if I could print it as two separate parts. If not how would I be able to separate the parts myself?

I tried splitting poseidon and uploaded the result as a zip file.
It contains his legs, torso with head, trident and a little connection pin for the legs and torso. I you think it won't work i'll try something else.

I used blender to achieve this. I select a few vertices and press V to split at that point. To split a part from the mesh select that part of the mesh and press P to seperate. Then you can export that piece.

Awesome, thank you very much, this looks like it will work. I will make sure to post the results!!!

Yea that's possible.
do you want to split poseidon in half around his hips?

That is what I was trying to do, but I ran into problems supporting the trident in is hand. With all the support material that was needed under the trident, some of it failed quickly on the print.

I will seperate trident and I will try to split him at his hips

Is there anyway to make Hades Printable? His man dress is too thin to print.

Sure there is, I will take a look for you

I made some minor changes so I hope it's printable now

Comments deleted.

Could you pose a chronos for me? And how would one go about getting the the required program to pose them him self?

I tried to pose chronos and I uploaded the result I hope you like it otherwise please give me some reference to look at.

It looks awesome man! Thank you so much Ill post it when is done printing


Be aware that his tummy is hollow with some gears. If you got some errors they are propably cause due the fact that some parts of the model sticking into itselve (eg arms en weapon).

Let me know if you have to much trouble slicing it.

Good luck!

Yea Sure I'll try

I'm using Umodel to export the models. This program works for a lot of unreal game engine based games.
Then I use blender with psk/psa importer (Found by user preferences).
most of the armatures of the models are rotated 180degrees so the arms are at their back.

can these be possibly put in a pose so that when it is printed, it could be something like a statue?

Yes that is a possibility but I can't make all poses for all gods. So leave a comment with the God and pose and I will see what I can do for you. Otherwise I can give you the rigged God and you can pose it yourselve. Let me know and we can fix something.

i personally would like a thanatos/ bakasura/ fenrir pose but really anything would be great. Maybe just for fun, try adding some of the ward skins. :P

Comments deleted.

these are ace dude! thank you so much. are you planning to upload the rest and bellona?

ymir is here? :)

I will resume uploading very soon. Then I will add your gods first.

You're the man! Much kudos +++++

Ymir and bellona are uploaded for you. If you wish one of bellona's other gear tell me. I add her sword but placed it on the ground you can open the stl file with your 3d modeling program eg. blender and replace it. Keep in mind that the slicer can give errors due to the fact that this is made for games and not for 3d printing so this object is not 1 mesh. You'll see what I mean if you import it in blender. There are some vertices placed inside the object etc.

Super cool! I think I might use these as giveaways on my Twitch.tv stream!

Comments deleted.

Looks like Ao Kuang and Ah Muzen Cab got garbled on the upload, could you reload them?

Thank you, I didn't noticed but I reuploaded them.