Water bowl feeder

by jsc Feb 9, 2015
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very cool, I modified using a screw thread adapte

Very nice design !

Would be interested in a version with the threads in the plastic and not having to use the cap.

I used openscad to make this one some months ago but I had trouble with sealing it.
I couldn't use vase mode because the circumference is non continuous at the lip.
A redesign would allow me to do that but I think using an already sealed pet-g bottle for the airlock is the better way. If you hunt for a bottle top thread then that would simplify your bottle socket, then perhaps a tripod arrangement with one leg being a spot and the vertex being the bottle socket? That would allow flexibility in the drinking dish though I would prefer only a small lapping dish for drinking from to minimize evaporative surface area.

Pet water feeder. READ instructions carefully.

I am aware of laird's PCO-1881 thread OpenSCAD model (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:157541) which I considered using, but I figured why not use the perfect bottle thread someone has injection molded for me that came with the bottle? Perhaps I will still try that, and do an OpenSCAD model.

Your tripod idea is good, but it would require a fairly hefty tripod to stabilize a 2L bottle on end. Looking at your model, I can see that you are not afraid of hefty models, though.

Also, it turns out that the contact patch between mount and arm is too small. It will delaminate the layers at the joint over time and rip out with the two-part glued version. I am going to try the single print version, or adding more surface area.

2 Liter Bottle Holder with Funnel and Cap
by laird

Very nifty.
I was thinking a while ago about making a bowl with a soda drink bottle socket to screw it in and get the same effect but given the right existing bowl, your solution uses less plastic. It does look a bit fragile though, I cant see how it's protected from tipping over if bumped?

I've put a bottom lip on the anchor hook, to stabilize it better on bowls with flanges like mine. I've also simplified the Fusion 360 design history so it should be easier to modify, if you use Fusion 360.

If you use something else, it is simple enough to recreate. It's basically just an arm with a hook and a tub with a hole and a 31mm OD nook to glue in a bottle cap. A lot of the other geometry is not necessary. The height of the bottom of the bottle cap determines the water level

Bumped front and back is no problem. Lateral stability does turn out to be an issue, very astute. I've "solved" it for now with some tape. I am going to try extending the clip further around the bowl, or introducing a hook along the bottom of the clip to engage the bowl flange. The weight of the bottle pulls the top of the clip forward, so putting in enough clearance for the hook to get over the flange should not be a problem.