2-Color Octopus

by nervoussystem Mar 29, 2013
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Well, what with the app?

Wanna now if you done an app for this too

Have you made the app that you talked about in the description?

Where is the solid stl? I can only find the hollow versions.

are you referring to the model we based our design on? Our 2-color octopus is a derivative of this model https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8896

Bucket O' Octopodes (thicker legs)

No, in your 2 color tree frog there is a "solid" model that can be printed on a single extrusion machine and a "hollow" mesh that adds the second color and cannot be printed by itself. The "hollow" file is uploaded while the "solid" file is missing. You need both files combined to make this octopus. There is part2 uploaded here, but part1 is nowhere to be found.

The zip file on this Thingiverse listing contains the two halves of the octopus. neither half is "solid" but they fit together into one 2-color octopus.

I think what Duke was asking for was for one of the objects to be solid and the other one to be as-is. Printing this is difficult because even when you combine both objects, it is hollow and I keep having the legs break off. Your http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:329436 2-Color Tree Frog Design is a good example of what I am looking for but for the Octopus.

2-color tree frog

Cool! Found it! Thanks!

I use Solidworks and I am trying to create a dual extrusion model what is the reference point need for the two parts. I based each part on the origin but when I tried to merge them it did not merge on origin but something else. Would you be able to let me know how you created your object which is great by the way.

Put parts together in an assembly, and save as STL, from assembly. Now the parts are refererring to the same origin.

How many days do I need to slice this? ^_^

I just got my 3d Printer today and it is a single head. Is it possible for me to print this? Will I need to edit the file at all? Its my first day....

this design is only appropriate to print on a dual extruder printer, but you can always print the 1 color octopus it was derived from: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8896http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Bucket O' Octopodes (thicker legs)

Whoa - came out great! Can't wait to see your app!

Is it just me, or is the version with no base still mismatched?

hmm...I will check. one moment please....

you are right. let me bug Jesse again :( I will verify before I post this time. blargh. too many files on our computers. one moment please

I know the feeling. : ) Too many files on too many computers...

ok try the one I just added

Slicing now. Looks awesome! Can't wait to start printing...

Came out basically OK, despite the misaligned stl files. Needs a little cleanup. This one used black and white abs.

Thank you for your amazing work! I really love your work, you keep coming up with really surprising and amazing things.

I believe I found why you had problems printing without the base - the two different color STLS have slightly different base heights, so one color would probably not be sticking to the platform at all. (ie when the two files are aligned along the top of the object, one of the colors actually sticks out below the other on the bottom)

It is very clear if you load both files into a recent version of Makerware, and set each STL to a different color.

I am posting the fixed files as a derivative, but I will remove them if you post a fix here, to avoid confusion.

we located the correct part two file and have replaced our zip file. One of these parts had a thickened base and the other did not. Now both have a thickened base.

hey it looks like we uploaded the wrong file for the 2nd part. we tried lopping off parts of the bottom a few times to make it so there would be more surface area for the thin tentacles for adhesion. one of the files in the zip file has been sliced and other hasn't. I'll dig around on Jesse's laptop for the original 2nd file and reupload momentarily. thanks for the heads up. unfortunately this is not the reason why it didn't stick to our bed. although it might be the reason why it didn't stick to other peoples. We can't get anything large and intricate to stick to our build platform without using a raft.

FWIW, RepG users slicing the 31 March 2013 version of the "no base" model need to first load each of the STLs into RepG and put them onto the platform: Select "Move" and then "Put on platform" and then save the STL via the File menu. This because the STLs (31 March 2013; no base version) do have their bottoms below Z=0.

Once this adjustment is made, the slice quite nicely in RepG using its dualstrusion capability.

Dan, darn it, I started printing this 2 hours ago...1 hour and 20 minutes before your warning! And I didn't check the gcode output until I noticed that part 2 was laying out about 5 layers with no layers from part 1. But strangely, it looks like it may come out sort of OK. Oh well, I also forgot to turn off Extruder Hold...

Ah yes. My bots have Post-it notes on them. They all have a reminder to remind me to check the Cool plugin settings as I always forget that and mess up my test prints. And my Rep 1 has a note about extruder hold. It's been tempting to put an auto-off on E.H. when the firmware sees there's two extruders in play, but if we add that then we have to add three modes: on, off, and "NO, I REALLY WANT IT ON". Anyhow, good to know I'm not the only one who forgets it.... If we ever decide we'll add new m or gcodes, then I plan on adding one to turn on/off Extruder Hold. That way, the default dualstrusion start.gcode can have that in it. However, MBI really isn't keen to have new m/gcodes added. And Jetty and I are keen to not have them adding new stuff either.

Well, I did remember EH off this time. But even though I did "put on platform", the files were still just a bit off, maybe by -.5 mm. Maybe I slipped and changed the scaling by accident? The further the print was along, the greater the misalignment, and the top centimeter only has one color. I'll post a pic anyway.

Printing now! What a magnificent thing!

What I do for large prints - wipe with acetone, level carefully, making the initial nozzle to bed distance quite small, and watch the first layer printing like a hawk, making adjustments to the bed levelling if needed.

Awesome! I wish I had dualstrusion... :(

oh man..sniff..I LOVE you guys man!!


Would it be possible to build overhang-restrictions into the simulation to make something similar for single-color extrusion?

Very nice! I had an idea for a similar app, but much simpler, where it can take an STL and split it into stripes (alternating extruders each layer) for neat visual effect or to make orange when all you have is yellow and red!

Maybe it's something you could add to your app down the line!

Awesome idea! I'm trying to print this in transperent and opaque PLA right now :) But the walls are too thin so the quality is not very good. could you make one that is not hollow on the inside or with twice as thick walls?

awesoem print!
crazy look.