Theo Jansen walking mechanism

by Ijon Feb 28, 2011
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I am really begining with the 3d printing and I wonder why isn´t there much iunformation about Cinema 4D + 3d Printing (as I use this software for modeling). As I read you made this with C4D, and you´ve mentioned that the model was not a very good geometry for printing, you meant it is because of the software?

Cinema4D is the wrong tool for the job. The 3d-modelling world is divided in two classes: Software for CGI and software for CAD. CGI Software does not need precision, its all floating point and polygons. This can be made printable, but its a pain and needlessly complicated. Also one is a lot less flexible with CGI-software.
Actual CAD-Software creates parametric models, polygons are just an output format. Also, it doesnt use the non-predictable floating point numbers, but instead proper integer numbers, so one can scale and change, without getting unpredictable results.

Dont use Cinema4D. I stopped doing that after this project. Its not worth my time. Learn Fusion360, or Inventor, or any other proper CAD-Suite.

I understand your point and I may agree partially, as I feel that C4D is indeed made for CGI imagery outputs, though there are many ways to play around in a accurate way for technical purposes, obviously not the same process as any industrial design softwares like rhino or solid works. Anyways, may I ask in which precise part of the design of this model you had problems? is this and extrution from a vector? thanks!

I cant remember. I made this thing 8 years ago. I think two parts that should not touch, touched during each revolution.
And in general - C4D behaves not predictable with precise things. Circles are not circles, but polygons. Divisons dont come to the same result, because of the way the software works. Dont invest your time in Cinema4D if you want to do 3d printing.

That software is only ok-ish if you want to do artsy parts that dont have any fit, size or tolerance requirements, like busts of people or game characters.

Any chance you could take a photo from side on? I'm having trouble fitting all the washers and the rotating linkage together nicely. Nice prints though!

same here, tnat would be great.

Neat - could you put up a DXF for us lasercutters?

No, I cant. What I have is only the .stl and a .c4d, cause I made this Thing in Cinema4D.

The Geometry actually is not that good, because two Parts that shouldn't touch each other touch each other during each revolution. So it would be better if you design your own. It is not very difficult.

You find all Informations for the lengths of the parts here: http://www.mekanizmalar.com/theo_http://www.mekanizmalar.com/th...
jansen.html and you can adjust them to your needs.

Just design some Parts around these Lengths... and with some basic geometry you also figure out the angles between in the two triangles

I had planned to get around to making some of these, I'm glad you beat me to it, and with such flair! :)

totally the hottness!

Love the fluid, organic lines. Gorgeous!