Crinkle Lamp

by LoboCNC Feb 10, 2015
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Really nice lamp. I added a small base with centered post for the LED's.

Looks great.

Will a standard US lightbulb fit in here?

A standard US bulb will fit, but make sure you use an LED bulb because an incandescent will melt the plastic.

Saw this made at University of Southern Denmark, very good looking piece! Glad I stumpled upon it on in your gallery

I'm having such trouble printing this. I sliced it in Cura and not sure if it is Cura, Cura settings or my printer causing me the headaches! The first few layers go down awesome but once it starts building up the PLA is so paper thin, I'm not seeing the "The wall thickness is specifically set for printing with exactly 2 line widths with a 0.4mm nozzle" you mention in the details.

Make sure you look a the print preview, layer-by-layer before printing this. With the right settings, it prints up with no fuss, but this does give some slicers fits. Theoretically, it should be pretty straightforward as all walls are 0.8mm thick in cross-section.

Thank you so much. I already wasted a lot of filament on the popular Voronoi lamp because it was not designed for easy FDM printing.

I'm trying to learn how to create faceted faces like this in Fusion 360, would you mind telling me how you created the faces in your model?

In Solidworks, I first sketched the polygonal cutouts on each face. Then I did an extruded cut with a 45 deg. draft angle on the cut. And finally, I did a shell operation to hollow it out. I assume Fusion 360 supports a similar set of operations.

Ahhh so simple! Fusion will allow me to do that. I was curious if you designed the sketches on each face manually or not. In hindsight I guess it really wouldn't take that long to extrude a bunch of prisms

Does not work in vase mode unfortunately

Thats lovely,I would like to have one.

do you thing it would work if printed at half scale

I think some of the "makes" have been smaller versions. The walls are pretty thins, so it is a matter of how your slicer will handle it.

Hey guys check out my Make of this and my base. In my base I write up what I am using to light mine. Big props to LoboCNC. You have some of the best designs. I hope you like my base. I wanted it be simple and not take away from the shade you made.

My make
My base

Lamp Base for Crinkle Lamp
Crinkle Lamp

What's the actual electronics you are using for this?

I just used one of the little hockey-puck shaped battery-powered lights that they make for inside closets, etc.

Engineer/Designer > Designer

I'd love to see this in a solid part, so I could print it as a "vase" in my slicer software. I believe it would print faster and cleaner that way.

I've just added a solid version of the STL file. I don't think you will be able to slice it in vase mode, though, because the top surface (which gets printed against the table) has multiple perimeters. However, you should be able to slice it with a single perimeter and 0% infill.

Awesome! Thanks for the solid version. I thought about the vase issue after I posted. You're probably right, but I can try other methods too. If it get anywhere with it I'll let you know.

Me encanta el diseño.
Vamos a imprimirlo

I am printing one now!
I don't know how you made this model, but would it be difficult to change which face goes where?
I feel it would look a lot better if the identical faces were OPPOSITE each other (instead of adjacent like now) so that no matter what angle you view it from, there are always 2 different faces adjacent to each other.

Good point - I got a little turned around when making this. All faces actually have the same pattern, but some faces have the pattern rotated 180 deg. I'll fiddle around and see if I can't do it as you suggest.

Edit: I just posted a new crinklelamp.STL file where the faces alternate as you suggested.

I hadn't even noticed that all of the faces were the same!
The rotated ones look completely different, it's just how your eyes look at it I guess.
But yes, that's really the only thing I can suggest.
My print is coming along great :)
I am really liking this new experimental slicer. I have been messing around with it while this is printing, and it is MUCH better at keeping the random traversing to a minimum.