Enclosure for 3D printer safety

by DrewPetitclerc Mar 29, 2013
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3DPrintClean is developing an Odor and Ultrafine Particle filtration attachment for DIY enclosures. Would make a great addition. See http://3dprintclean.com/3dprintclean-scrubber.htm - Disclosure, I am the founder of 3DPrintClean.

Hi, I had this sort of thing in mind for my printer but using 6mm plywood for all bar the front ( just to keep costs down ) it easier to cut a slot so the panels fit tight in the corners, when funds permit I will make it in perspex/flexiglass, my thoughts on the gap in the corners.... what about the silicone tubing sold in tropical fish shops? cut one side along its length and slip it on the edge of the perspex where the gap is. should be enough to seal it, Just a thought and sharing :)

Sealing it would not be a good idea, the electronics are in with all the heat too, unless you make a ducting system to vent cool air to the electronics you will cook them, also to high a temp is not good for the mechanical systems especially those that also rely on plastic parts in their makeup.

The chamber can get warm and it is intended to keep out drafts and unwanted fingers mostly for safety.

It does not matter how hot you keep the build chamber, if the plastic shrinks as it cools (basic physics) then there will be warp even if you keep the chamber near the melt temp, eventually you need to cool it and it will warp despite your best efforts.

How you design the part and printing parameters are the best way to minimize the warp, but you will never fully get rid of it if the physical laws say the material will shrink as it cools.

Even the really expensive machines have warp in the part when using a material that shrinks as it cools, I have first hand knowledge of these things.
But thank you for sharing and good luck.

Hi Drew. Its not my intention to make an oven out of my enclosure, But I do intend to build it in such a way that it will under thermostatic control, with as you suggest a separate system to keep the ramps cool. then the environmental considerations will have been taken care of and I can focus on print settings, with a view to better consistency. Its all part of the fun. thank you for your thoughts though :)


Are there an air purifier inside the cabinet ?

I'm also using Up Plus 2 printer in my office. The ABS prints are very smelly and i want to cover it up. Do you have any suggestions ?

thank you,

At my work we added a box on top where placed the 2 cut halfs of a common furnace filter with charcoal for fish tank filters poured in a layer between the filters then added a computer style fan to draw the air through, no more ABS smell even from the worst offenders.