InMoov Finger Starter

by Gael_Langevin Mar 30, 2013
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Hey could you provide CAD files for this. My robotics team would love to use this, but we would want to edit it first. Thanks.

No CAD files available. I design everything with Blender which an Open Source software, it can export in many formats but no proprietory.

Hi, I couldn't figure out how to contact you from inmoov.fr, so I decided to do it from here. I was wondering what servos were used in the hand and forearm, I couldn't seem to find it.

You can find all the possible servos in this list:

You can correspond or ask questions through the InMoov forum:

My English is poor.
There is some wrong with file FingerIndexV1.stl.
i use makerbot 5th.
use print review could see that fault.

Files on Thingiverse aren't updated.
Make sure to visit www.inmoov.fr

What are the chances of making a SCAD file available or other editable source? I would love to print this on my Printrbot, but the base is to large. I made some attempts at importing the STL into openscad and differencing the left side with a block but I was unsuccessful.

You can use FreeCad or Blender to import STL and export in other formats.

This project should be a requirement for anyone starting out in robotics. It is a very well designed piece that covers a lot of the basics and would be a great confidence builder for budding robotics engineers. If you have any interest in robotics you should give it a try.

Thanks for your comment!

I just made this project this weekend in black ABS on best quality print. It works great! Got an Arduino board and servo at Radio Shack. Great project. Looks good and works great!

Hi, I'm going to start printing the InMoov project and I've seen you suggested to first print the InMoov finger starter to apprehend the assemblies and the software command by following the tuto but the link doesn't run anymore, could you give another link where the tuto can be read, or watch, it'll be great, and thanks for you work.

Hi, I fixed the link, have fun!

Great stuff! Im trying one at 0.65 scale to use leosticks and small servos, 1.75mm filament for the pins..

its a bit rough but im just starting in all this, so hopefully it will improve in time. Went all together and worked first go without a hitch. thanks.

http://www.devogeninteractive.com/picup/share.php?id=518F_51F12682<img border="0" src="http://www.devogeninteractive.com/picup/image.php?id=518F_51F12682&amp;jpg"&gt;

Cool ! I want to alert you about reducing the robot to get servos adapted. You will need to rework parts for sure, but that doesn't seemed to bother you as you beveled some parts already. Servo I used for the bicep can't be scaled down with the same ratio as the one used in the hands. There is other attempts present in the InMoov forum, maybe you could share info. Let us see the hand when you move on!!

Super fun project, and a great way to learn how to use an Arduino and a servo motor.

I made a brief write-up of my experience building one, check it out if you want more info.

Great write up, i
I left a comment a few days ago on your blog.

Awesome! I'm working on the hand now, I'll post some pictures when I get a little further along.

well I was expecting what it is showed on the picture, seems that if one finger can be controlled first, the rest of the hand and arm will be easier but first I need to know about servos and arduino right at least one servo, one card and one finger, I guess will be the beginning if I don't know anything about it, any suggestion?

Exactly, this done to start. If you can print, assemble and run this kit, you are ready for to go further with InMoov. For more assembling info, See my http://inmoov.blogspot.cominmoov.blogspot.com

Can anybody tell me where I can buy the kits?

Hi, the kit isn't available yet, what did you want exactly as kit?
Arduino, servo and printed parts together?

Hi, this sounds like a good plan. If you have the printed parts for this small setup, you might want to buy your own printer if/or when you are ready to build an arm or 2.

Hi, this sounds like a good plan. If you have the printed parts for this small setup, you might want to buy your own printer if/or when you are ready to build an arm or 2.