Filament extruder puller

by wingmaster Feb 11, 2015
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Hi Wingmaster,

i want try to build the Filament Puller. i am very interesting, which Standard was used for thi gear. if i want Change the Size of it.
another thing, do you have other Option for rubber roller.


Hi Huang,

The sprockets are from the mendel90 design as mentioned in the description. But they are actually easy to replicate with the standard openscad gear creation library. The pressure angle is the number that need to be set.
Other option for the rubber rollers is to buy a rubber or latex tube of sufficient size and put it around the extrude roller.

There are a version for nema23 motor shaft of the small pulley? Thanks

Hi Roberto,

No, I have not. Using a thicker shaft , the larger hole will not leave much material. This will weaken the pulley it a lot.
You an download the source of the pulley from the mendel90 design. That is all openscad, and there is a parameter for shaft diameter.

Where exactly does the spacer go?

That is used besides the idler roller, to center it. Only use if needed.

curious if you ever got this dialed in for 1.75 filament?

I only have a 2.8mm printer, so never had a need to make 1.75 with it. For the puller it really makes no difference what filament diameter it has to create. Just run the motor faster or slower depending what diameter your like. The only issue you could have is that the maximal motor speed is maybe not enough to reach 1.75mm, but this really depends on the plastic volume output of the extruder. If this is an issue, use a motor with more RPM's .

Just wanted to say this is awesome. I'm a tech teacher and was planning on spending the summer building something like this for the filament extruder at work.

My question is do you think I can use another dc motor for the spool itself?


Yes, you certainly can! I made a variant of the Lyman http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:380987 filament winder using the same motor as i used on the puller.

Lyman / Mulier Filament Extruder V5
by hlyman

Do we use the springs alone to adjust the gap between the rollers ?
Or is there a better way to set the gap more accurately ?

Hi Dineshwaran ,

If there is no filament present, the rollers do not have any gap between them. Feeding in a filament pushes the top roller up against the spring tension. The springs are there to create a certain clamping force on the filament to avoid the filament slipping. The screws on top are used to set the tension needed.There is almost no force needed to pull out the filament from the extruder , so amount of tension needed is only depending how hard your filament winder is pulling on the filament.

This is great. Thanks Wingmaster.

Also, I was looking at the parts, can you give me the following details,

  1. exact size of the bearing (shaft dia, od and thickness)
  2. Length of those M4 bolts that control spring tension
  3. Any spec for the spring ?

Please check instruction for all these detaills

what exactly is this ?

How does the step down power supply work? Im going to buy the parts to print and make this but I dont understand how you use it to adjust.

Connecting the dc motor is quite simple.
You need a small 12v to 24v power supply. Normally your filament extruder will have one already.
Connect the 12v supply to the voltage regulator input.
Connect the output of the voltage regulator to your motor.
Watch the + and -. If the motor runs the wrong direction, swap the motor wires.
Adjust speed by turning the (square blue) variable resistor on the voltage regulator. For 3mm filament with my DIY extruder I need run the motor at about 4volt.

all parts have been ordered and all .stl's have been printed in orange pla. The files you provided worked great and huge credit to you. Can wait to put it together and start using my filastruder. I wanted to coil my filament instead of wind it so this was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I'll post a pic once its finished, and once again all credit to you sir.

thank you so much. Im printing now. ordered the parts this morning. Much credit to you. Thank you so so much. Cant wait to assemble and run it

Hey I love your remake! I was going to redesign the original to have a printed gear reduction too. I was wondering if you could post the design files for it? I want to modify the motor mount for a NEMA 17 stepper motor.

Hi Brain,

Not at this stage. The design needs a lot of libraries, so is rather messy to get setup and working.

But no worry. I was already planning to make a NEMA17 version in a couple of weeks.

No problem, I just hobbled together a version with the import tool and even added a mount for the Spring Loaded Calipers by Ian Johnson. I will upload the remix when I have printed it and tested the design.

wingmaster or Sbbrain, did you manage to modify this design to be used with nema 17?
Please share..


I made some progress on it but my extruder stopped working so I never tested this in full.
But hope it helps you out!

Filament Puller NEMA17
by Sbbrain