NEMA17 & Bowden geared extruder for the SmartrapCore, V 0.95b

by BrunoBellamy Feb 12, 2015
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So I updated the feedrate and steps per mm. They work when trying to extrude, but when I try to retract/back up in Repetier host the motor just buzzes and does nothing. Any ideas what setting I am missing ?

I have worn out two sets of gears, should I be printing them with abs?

Do you by any chance still have the original files ?
I need to modify the big gear a bit as my hobbled bit is a bit lower than 25mm.

It's a Blender file, and the source file doesn't differ much from the STL actually (I don't have the original shapes before boolean operations), so I'm not sure it'll be very useful, depending on what software you're used to…

No worries. I'll try and import it into Solidworks and edit it.

Just to let you know : I made a series of minor updates today, mostly fixing issues with the size of nut cavities in the extruder body parts and small gear. No change to the big gear, though.

Thanks for the warning. I've already printed all the parts and they all seem to fit fine so no need to reprint.
Managed to modify the big gear in solidoworks, will post it as soon as I print and test it.

Cool ! I really hope you'll like this extruder. Mine is working quite well at home, and I'm now printing a second one (hence the recent small improvements) to (try to) do dual extruding with my home-designed twin head for the SmartrapCore : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:995640 :)

SmartrapCore Twin Head project (V5.1)

Why wouldn't you eliminate micro-stepping, to utilize the full torque of your motor? The gearing allows for higher torque with the same precision.

Well… why not? How would you do that, exactly? Is it something that can be set in Marlin firmware, or does it have to be done with the hardware?
This extruder works really fine on my printer, so I must admit I didn't search for any further improvement… ;)

With most boards, it is done with jumpers on various PINs. On RAMPS specifically, they are the PINs under the stepper drivers.

You have to reduce the steps per mm accordingly afterwards. So 160 steps/mm at 1/8th steps = 80/mm at 1/4th steps.

Is this extruder compatible with flexible filaments?

i found some other faults with this design after printing all the parts.

hey, i updated one of the pieces. the hole on top was not threadable using an M5 0.8 PTC for 4mm PTFE tube.


Fixed thread-able piece for SmartRap Core Extruder
by jesse

I have no idea what the official standard size for the most common pushfit connectors is, but if you started out building a Smart(Rap)Core, M6 is mentioned in the original BOM, so in that sense it works as it is. I would think of yours an M5 remix instead of a fix. :-)
Great to have a choice, though. While I already had M6, I also have some even larger ones around somewhere, which could be but to use with yet another mod some day.

Is this for 3mm filament or 1.75mm?

It's designed for 1.75mm.

All your files are mirrored from your pictures or the other way around, I'm not sure. The fact is they don't match up.

I don't understand… I reloaded everything to be sure, opened them in Blender, Cura, and Repetier-Host, and they perfectly match the pictures (and the reality). What software do you use ?

Posted as a make, realized there must be something wrong with how I have my axis configured vs. what the software believe. My mistake. You can see my print is mirrored, unintentionally.

Which is really all weird since I've printed things like phone cases and those worked...