Ball and Socket Mount

by Gyrobot Mar 30, 2013
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So simple and elegant. This was a joyful answer to my problem. Thank you for the great design!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for!

I sanded the ball slightly to give it a smoother articulation, but works perfect!

Might be a lot to ask, but is the original cad posted anywhere? I'd like to take these in for a project I'm working on if they're available pen source.

What are the dimensions of the ball on this design? I'm looking for a 17mm ball for an existing socket.

Thanks, and nice work!


Hi, it's 20mm Dia so scale to 85% of original.

Hi, thanks for this. Its great. I'm a real novice. To make only the ball bigger what software do you recommend ? I've got meshmixer, however it seem difficult to only increase the size of only the ball part. Thanks

What slicer software are you using? The ones I have used will allow you to scale before slicing and printing.

EDIT: just noticed that the question is over a year old. :S

can you tell me what is the size allowance between the ball and socket to make sure they would fit together with the correct tension? just as an example, if the radius of your sphere (male part) is 5 mm, what is the radius of your female part? are the fingers responsible for holding the ball in place or its the socket? or both? how did you decide that the socket of the female part will be that high? how did you decide that the fingers/points of the female part would be that high? i want to make my own ball and socket and make sure the tension between the male and female parts would allow whatever i attach on either parts to stay in place. i tried to use your model but i can't scale, center or merge it properly with my design so i'd like to make my own but im having difficulty estimating the sizes and ensure that they would fit together.

They are designed the same size each. you can change the fit by scaling the model or the extrusion flow, i.e. M221

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awesome. i love studying joints and sockets to see what works on really small and really large scales

I printed five of these for my wife to use as joints for a puppet that she is building. She thinks I rock! Thanks

Great job. Printed perfectly. Our physical therapy faculty really liked this model.

Do the holes in the center of the ball or cup allow you to do something extra to lock it in place? It's a webcam that I'm mounting with it that is just slightly too heavy and it doesn't keep it in position.

They are just optional mounting holes.

To stiffen up the connection/ reprint the socket smaller or the ball bigger, or increase your flow rate to achieve a tighter fit.

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

Just printed a copy and it is perfect. Just the right tension.

Excellent, should be very useful!