Skyrim: Dawnguard Vampire Lord

by Vsions Mar 31, 2013
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Really great model i am printing in bronze at the moment.
The supports are a nightmare to remove, also the additional horns are very difficult to remove from the base, i think if you publish again just the raw model without supports and support base plates would be better then i can use the suports in ideamaker, or s3d

Wow man! This thing is awesome, thanks so much for hitting Bethesda up to allow us to print this! So great to have a design from a professional, printing was a breeze. Can't wait to see what you give us to print next! You are truly a talented designer and make some of the coolest things I have ever seen. Bethesda is lucky to have you.
Would love to know how you painted and what you used to paint the one in the picture, love that pale white grey look.

Hi it turned out great what settings did you use in your slicer

This is amazing thank you!

Wonderful thank you

You said to not try to sell it, but someone is doing that, is it alright?

Im printing it at full scale right now... I hope it finishes! the arm supports tend to get knocked around for me when I scaled it down to 50%

Oh my Gosh, Awesome Job! can you make The Grey Fox Bust?
I want one on my Desk So Badly!

that is incredible im really impressed, i got to get a crash cores in using 3d programs.....
if anyone no's of any on the internet for blender besides those you tube ones the don't actually teach you plz hit me up :)

Anyone used Slic3r for this? Every time I try it crashes

Thanks guys for the encouragement, more to come soon hopefully :)

Wow Vsions this is awesome, I just printed it. We are air brushing it right now based on some ref pics of your in game scenes. I never played these games but the model is awesome. Do you have any 3d models from your portfolio that you would share? I'm sure you have a lot excellent work you've done.

Thinking of printing this piece too ( massive Skyrin fan!), was wondering what base colour I should print it in... does it make a difference if then I decide to paint it? Should I go for a base colour in particular?

I would use white, but it doesn't really matter because you should be using a primer on the plastic anyway, but white seems to print the best for me. I printed this skyrim in white, but the xwing I did was painted in green. Both were primed though.

Any chance Bethesda would let you release other models? Maybe some fallout related ones? that would be awesome! (amazing job on built in supports by the way!!!)

Thanks! I would venture to say probably not. I MAY be able to post a couple of other skyrim ones that I am working on though :)

That would be awesome!!! all of us here in the office love this print!

Wow! Those bust is amazing! Great job on the design!

GAAAAH! It took us hours to get RID of the Vampirism! Now I have to look at this? Of course I'll be downloading it immediately :)

Oh great, another reason to think about the interminable hours I played Skyrim. I'm printing this immediately.

If Bethesda could somehow be convinced to release an STL of the Daedric Mace, I'd be all thrilled and grateful and stuff.

Gah, this reminds me that I need to get Dawnguard. The Skrym is just too big! Amazing work, and welcome the the community!

Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. I cant wait to see the models you guys print out :)

awesome high res model.

i always hoped that the -No derivatives CC- would never be used though

So sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Layer Thickness: 0.04 ...whoo...what is your printer for that ??

He used an Ultimaker for that print.

That's a great model Dennis, thanks for sharing!

HEY! i follow you on youtube :D nerdgasm