Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

RoBo3D Modular X Carriage E3Dv6, Cyclops or Chimera, and Hexagon by Mike Kelly

by mkelly Feb 14, 2015
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Heya Mike,
How compatible is this with the R1+ changes? I'm assuming it's fully compatible, but just wanted to double-check. Also, are the current files the v2? Thanks!

  • Joe

Yeah they're fully compatible with any version of the Robo3d R1. V2 is the latest which I should probably get around to sharing. Message me on the robo3d forums if you want the .zip file

Hey Mike,
I've seen mention of the modular x carriage v2 on both robo forums and here. Two questions If i May.

  1. This there way I can Get a copy of the SLDPRT file of the v2. I would also like to look into designing a direct drive for dual v6's.
  2. I Use S3D. Which is awesome at single. I know it has dual capability. I know that nothing is really perfect software wise for dual extruding. But would you say S3D is the most capable?

Thx I'm Sobiguy on Robo Forums btw..

I want a dual direct drive! Ideally I want half direct half bowden but I'm going to get working on a design and see what pops up in thingiverse.

1) Yeah I've been meaning to share them. Message me on the forums and I can get you a copy. Otherwise I'll be putting them up on thingiverse at some point (when I'm bored and feel up to it)
2) Simplify3d is kinda a bear to use with duals. For things like support material and rafts it's great. For dual STL prints it's annoying. You need to get the models positioned perfectly as it doesn't have a "Combine" feature like cura. Then you need a second portfolio to run the second stl file.

It's definitely the most capable of.

Hey mike, question for you, is this able to do dual v6's?

I'm at the point where I have both of my hot ends and the Bowden tube, I just need to figure out what else I will need or order to run one more stepper (I think just the stepper and the driver?) , and once I get my printer dialed back in I'll print the parts that I need.

Do you have the files that I could open up in solidworks, I want to modify the plate a little so I can try something.

Yup I originally designed this for Dual V6's.

I've actually come up with a version 2 of this. Are you on the Robo3d forums? I can send you the updated design there. I should probably get around to posting it on here.

Yeah I can send you the files in solidworks if you want. Just let me know if you want v1 or v2

What my idea is, I want to make one stationary, and one adjustable. Ideally I would like to use my e3d with a .4 or smaller nozzle, and I want to use my e3d with volcano for infill. With like a 1mm nozzle or something.

See just how it would work. I feel like it would give me the best of both worlds, keep the resolution for all the exterior work, and all the quick fill on the interior.

I'm thinking of just making a portion of the plate that would be lowered, and than perhaps add a threaded rod (or screw) and a nylon nut (or something to be able to fine tune the adjustments to keep the layers roughly the same.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think it could work.

I'm also working with guy who's able to manufacture flexible shafts. And I think that merging both Bowden and direct drive would really open up how fast one could print on these machines.

If your interested we could take more about it, could be a fun joint venture.

Oh, and I would be interested j getting the v2, anything would help. And you make great things! I have to get way better on solidworks lol

Well the deviation between the volcano and V6 is pretty great. I'd suggest just getting an E3Dv6 nozzle at .8mm and not worrying about the volcano.

I've seen some flexible extruders before and think it's a great idea. I also designed a hybrid extruder but didn't really spend much time testing it out.

Ya, I'm aware that the deviation is quite a bit. Yet my brain still wants to try it. I think it will be a challenge but totally doable.

Anyways If you have those files I'll make it work for sure lol.

My x stop has the screw on the carriage and the switch on the z axis. On this carriage you have a spot for the switch but not the screw. What is a work around for this? Thanks as always. Design is awesome!!!

I just added a new file called x endstop spacer. It can attach to either the idler or the x carriage depending on where you want your switch to be. I prefer the switch on my carriage but that's not for everyone

Have I mentioned that you are awesome!!!! I'm all assembled and once I Print this new part I will start the swap on my printer.

One other quick question. How to do get the fan shroud to attach? Are the e3D heat seeks supposed to hold it in place?

It's held in place mostly by friction but I also use a couple small zip ties to ensure they're not going anywhere

Great work as usual, Mike! Excited to get my Cyclops and bolts in on Wednesday and see how it all fits together. It would be nice to have a list of the recommended parts to put it all together as well. From what I've gathered, it's something like this, but please correct me if I'm wrong:

M3-0.5 used for all bolts. Nylon locking nuts suggested for most parts, but probably not necessary.
1x 50mm - Back Tray Hinge
3x 25mm - Belt Holders & Belt Tensioner
2x 15mm (Flat Head) - Front Tray Holder

8x nuts - 1 for each of the bolts, plus an additional one on the Front Tray Holder bolts above the spring
4x washers - A washer above and below the Front Tray Holder springs
2x springs - One for each of the Front Tray Holder bolts
2x LM8UU bearings

Check out Kickstarter for the Rhino 3D printer.

2 extruder for the outer shell, 1 oversized extruder for infill, and 1 extruder with HIPS for support. :)

You have me interested in the Kraken now. I have a new Robo3d - I've had about a week time on it, and want to mod it already. Any advice??

First thing to do is figure out the cost of the assembly. That's enough to scare most people out of it (myself included)

It's not just the kraken you'll need, but a whole new controller, additional extruders, etc.

Azteeg X3 Pro, 3 additional stepper drivers, 3 hobbed bolts, 12 608ZZ bearings etc

Then you probably need to get simplify3d to do what you're thinking of. And I think only like 1 firmware supports 4 extruders right now.

Ain't skeered. I have a RigidBot Big with a blown mainboard waiting for me to put in the new Ramps that's still in the box. My problem is time. I work offshore, 4 weeks on, 2 off, so I don't have a lot of time to experiment as much as I would like. I hear you, though. It's a "work in progress". Worth it, if you ask me. Please keep me posted, if you don't mind.

I think I have a plate made, but most of the other parts would work with the kraken. I suggest buying everything you need and printing all the extruders you need. Printing the plate is the easiest part.