K8200 Z-Axis cable driven stabilizer / parallel drive

by AlpinaV8 Feb 15, 2015
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if I'm right you have designed a closed loop. You have showed much details but some guessworking is required for the uniniciated crowds to understand your creation.
HOW does it work?
Why not drive the axis directly by using the strings plus: using a counterwight aka balanced drive?
What about showing a (schematic) representation of the whole build?

Hello I like your mod, I'm printing right now. I am wondering where did you get the V-Pulley ? I wonder if you can you generate the pulley using this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:811415, in home I have a 16 mm outside diameter, 5 mm diameter of the hole , 5 mm depth

Customizable V Pulley
by Siti

Hi. If you search for item 141227257781 on ebay you will find the pulleys I used. I would prefere to use steel pulleys, since the wire needs to be quite tight. Best of luck with the project. I'm still very happy with the solution.

hi, I'm collecting the parts to make your mod (looks awesome btw!), and I found the 5x22x5mm pulleys (listed in the description); i now see you posted the item 141227257781, and those are 5x16x5 pulleys, can you check which one is the correct size?
From measurements in the stl, drawings and guessing from the pictures i would say the 5x22x5 are the correct ones...

Hi, the correct size for this build is 5x22x5mm. Good luck with your mod, I'm still very happy with it.

Very nice, much cleaner than my version.What do you use to tension the cable loop? I was thinking of adding two guitar tuning pegs on mine. Got as far as ordering a set but never received it.

Thanks Brandano, as in the instruction tab - Lower the right pulley assembly to tension.

Btw, my version is GPL because the right cable holder was derived from a GPL set of parts. All the rest is released as dual licence GPL and CC-BY-SA, so probably it's fine for this set to be CC-BY-SA as a whole. Depending on where you started from for the right cable holder.

I created all the parts in Tinkercad from scratch, but of course on a idea from the original parts. I hope it will be OK ?
I'm new to this so any information regarding licence are highly welcome.

Perfectly fine. Again, nice job :)