Hand Concept 1

by mrule Mar 4, 2011
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A right hand would be good for The Force Awakens Luke costumes, which is what I'm planning to do!

One thing your hand design misses would be a thumb.

Excellent! Keep it up! 8-)

I'm afraid if I build that thing it will terminate me.

Very Cool!

Forrest Higgs has done some work on a printable hand, it might give you some ideas: http://activetelepresence.blogspot.com/http://activetelepresence.blog...

You jusr need to Move the wires to the inside of the bend of the fingers instead of passing it through the "bone"

The wires actually work, they just usually only move one of the three finger joints.

The other problem I was having was that the joints are high friction. When you have one wire controlling three joints, any one of the three joints can bend when the wire is pulled. Usually, just one joint would bend first and then the others might bend later. As far as I can tell human hands kind of bend all three joints evenly. Looking at the robotic hand I linked below, it seems like they use a unique pair of wire for each joint to get around this. It might also be possible to solve the forces so that all three joints bend evenly ?

Actually, when you grab onto something, the inner joints move first, then middle, then outer, similar to wrapping a cord/tentacle around a cylinder.

When I was cleaning up the pieces for my prosthetic left hand, I fount that a good file can usually fix a lot of the stiffness issue there.

If you were to make the joints tighter as you moved out from the knuckles, it would provide a perhaps more realistic and certainly far more reliable grasping motion. You could even get a reliable fist if you put 90 degree limits on each joint.

I'm rather interested in this hand/fingers and I'm curious about possible incorporation of this design for a cool prosthetic.

this is very cool! thanks for posting this, even if it isn't working perfectly. perhaps you'll inspire the next person to come along.