Fan Foot ($2200 machine makes feet for $10 fan)

by spot1984 Apr 1, 2013
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$200 printer + $18/kg filament + your design = WIN!

$150 machine makes feet for $10 fan

This made me laugh...because it's so true.

The design worked perfect, thank you so much!!! It's much more sturdy and the fit perfectly.

I didn't even need these, but I ended up reading through this whole thing because it was so amusing. This totally made my night :)

It's always nice to find this kind of thing and not have to spend all of that time designing it myself. Thank you for taking the time!

Thank you for putting the time into making these available!

Design worked perfect, thank you for posting this 'foot' file, The cheap flimsy ones that come with the fan are easily broken, these seem much more sturdy and the fit perfectly.


This is excellent, just what i was looking for. Using these as a practical demo of the paradox of practical and impractical ways of 3D printing. I love the design, and I am hosting a 3D print night here at MakerBar in NJ to show folks how to print stuff.

Cheers! and thanks for sharing, - M-

The trick is... buy a 300$ printer

Design worked great! With the FDM I was using, I had a bit of a hard time removing the support filament in some of the tight places. In the end, it fit perfectly in my box fan.

Took 1:02 to print a set of two.

Can I just say thank you!!! I have 5 Lasko box fans throughout my house and I think 1 has 1 foot left. This was something on my "Make one of those" list. I printed out 2 sets and they work great. One more thing I can cross of my list! I will upload pics.

I just tossed out a set of those! Should have said something. :P