Makerbot Oiling Script

by coasterman Mar 5, 2011
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I had to add a line "G1 X0" to keep X from ramming into the front of the machine when Y moves to the front. This is an awesome little script otherwise! Thanks!

( Oiling script created by Coasterman )
( Thing-O-Matic Edition for ToM Endstops )
G162 Z F850
G161 X Y F4000
G92 Z80
G92 X-57.5 Y-57
M01 (Prepare the oil bottle and click Yes.)
G0 X0 Y0 Z30.5
G1 Z30 F20
G1 X55 F4000
M01 (When the machine stops, apply oil to the X rods.)
G1 X-55
M01 (When
the machine stops, apply oil to the other side of the X rods.)
G1 X55
G1 X-55
G1 X0
G1 Y-55
M01 (When the machine stops, apply oil to the Y rods.)
G1 Y55
M01 (Apply oil to the other side of the Y rods.)
G1 Y-55
G1 Y55
G1 X0 Y0
M0 (Machine oiled successfully!)

I didn't really know what it would do on a ToM... I had the X stay off to the side on a cupcake so it would give you room for the oil bottle, but I guess it's different on a Thing-O-Matic, since the X and Y are "swapped" (X is on Y instead of the other way around).

Does this assume you use endstops?

No. It was designed for my Batch XV cupcake, which doesn't have endstops. The script requires you to have your machine pre-homed.

I just added support for Thing-O-Matic endstops and homing.

That's so clever. Do you mind if I modify your script and include it in RepG?

Go right ahead! :)