Ethernet Port Protector Plug - Reserve / Protect an Ethernet Port

by muzz64 Feb 17, 2015
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Can't print it in the shown orientation, it keeps being knocked over.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble printing this.... your issue is will be with build plate adhesion. Not all machines are as good as oyhers in this respect but you can usually resolve it but changing your raft settings... I assime you are using a raft as per the instructions?

Try increasing the raft outset from the print itself and reduce the raft to model spacing. Filament quality also makes a difference with this. I've printed hindresds of these as per the photos... so they work well eith the right slicer and machine set up.

I hope this helps

Actually it stays attached to the bed, but the top just gets knocked around every time. I printed it on it's side with supports now and that worked way better. Also far superior strength anyway, since it's actually favorable with the layer orientation this way.

That sounds strange that it knocks it over.... That still suggests either a slicing and/or machine accuracy issue but the main thing is you got it printed as you wanted.

All the best

Printed it three times with different settings on my Printrbot Simple Metal without success. I'm not able to print it in a way so that it don't break into two pieces when I try to remove it out of an ethernet port ...

Sorry to hear your attempts to print this haven't been successful. The fact is not all machines print the same and some slicing apps have problems with the detail in the inner surfaces. Filament also can be the cause of this as well... Lots of people have successfully printed these as I'm sure you've seen and I've lost count of the number I've printed for people on my MakerBots. I assume you followed the instructions provided in which case it has to be due to one or more of the above. I wish I could help further but I know they work for most people and their machines /apps

Hi! This weekend I printed a few of your models (Fish Fossil, Easter Egg and Ethernet cable runners). Really great job, thank you for your designs! And finally, I also was successful with this Ethernet Protector Plug. The solution in my case was, that I had to lay the clip down to the side. The advantage of printing the object in this way is, that there are no tensions between layers when you push the arm to get the Protector out of the ethernet port ...
Thank you again for your creativity and your designs!

Very nice! Thanks for posting this.