Model of Skyrim Auriel's bow

by ImmersedN3D Feb 17, 2015
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Nice Model, i used it for my Bow Girl, thx!

Bow Girl

can we use it as a real bow? or is it too fragile?

Did you tried ?
I really would like to use it as a real bow, love archery and this one would fit very well to my other 2 ;).

I just rewatch the structure and all the separate part and I think it can be use like a real bow if al the parts are really well together and that the plastic used is sufficiently strong and flexible.

But in this case the best could be to carve it in wood to actually make it because I think unfortunately that if it can be used it will sorely lack power ...

One of my first bows was out of PBT and this one is strong enough - 28lbs.
I think if the bow is tighten with the string and the bow has the correct length we could reach the same amount ?
Especially if we try with the same material like my first bow is (geologic initech 2).

The most limbs are out of fiber glas, there also exist nylon + fiber glas materials wich could be very nice ?

You guys could always print it then make a mold, it would be much stronger. I printed it out of PETG. It was much stronger but by no means capable of being a REAL bow. Good luck!

I suspected it a little ... anyway I still could not print it or have it printed so I was basing myself on the image of the 3d model of each piece at our disposal.

And (like I said before) instead of making a mold that requires more material than it does not necessarily, the cut in wood from the model as this type made in this video with the mask of the dragon priest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tRt0WVXBmc&index=2&t=0s&list=PLhtrcfiSQ806XfC3NCFCv7jPJmEnKoU6p

That's difficult but very satifiying when it's finish and when you use it.

Can you upload the complete bow in one piece?

Hello, I would like to ask how much filament you used to make the 22 part bow?

I'm not sure exactly. I printed with something like 7% infill so there wasn't much filament used. The trade off is you end up with a weak print. I would print the 10 part interlocking bow if you can. Material used will vary based on your settings. less than 1 roll.

what is the strenght of the bow?

it really depends on how you print it. some parts can be super strong, and if you print it the incorrect way, they can be incredibly weak. I ran into that problem with the end hooks...

Sorry for the late response. But this is correct.

I printed my first bow vertically, 7% infill. It was incredibly weak and ended up breaking in several spots. My most recent print was the 10 part model, 15% infill, PETG. Its very durable and strong. The weak points would be at the joints. Its not a fully functional bow by any means, but I can drop it and not worry about it. Kids play with it at meet ups and conventions...

It all depends on your materials and print settings.

thank you for your design my friend wanted to use this design and after printing made some alterrations to it to make a pokemon bow :)

I made a new one (10 part groved) with PETG filament that came out awesome, really strong and less likely to break. Now I don't have to worry about people playing with it when I bring it to shows! http://www.instagram.com/immersedn3d

On a m3d (A 4" dinky print bed) would each piece fit for at least one print?

No... you could always scale down the parts. Or use a program like Meshmixer or Netfabb desktop app to cut the parts into smaller pieces!
Good luck.

thanks dude, been waiting for this since the day you put it up on reddit.
gonna plit it in 2 parts for my 600MM printer :D