Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Geakbot 3D Printer

by Geaks_Gone_Wild Feb 18, 2015
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Also the 5/16 hex nuts are splitting the pla when inserted into the parts is that normal or am I doing something wrong ?

sorry i couldnt remember password for a long time and got lucky and remembered it lol. Any way the nuts you are using might be too thick you should use 5\16 half nuts.

Hey really wanting to build the geakbot and can’t seem to get to the instructions on the web any chance I could get them off you ? Cheers :)

uploaded "x plate w mendal hole 4 wades" this just allows the use of the greg wades extruder to be used on this bot.

I also added "GB X PLATE SLIMMED" not sure how I forgot this file but it is a alternative X plate, I like this one better then the original I made.I left room on the bot for a 2nd extruder and hope to make a x plate to fit dual and possibly 3 extrduers.

yes, you should be able to fit them all on a 4x4x4 printer. If i remember correctly i printed the orginal set for my first printer on a printer bot simple 4x4x4 and used its parts to build the first geak bot :P

What is the minimum build size needed to print these? My current printer can only print 4x4x4inches. Will this be enough to print all of the included parts?

sorry, every thing should be up to date, if you have any issues let me know

P.S. my pc was down for awhile.

sorry, every thing should be up to date, if you have any issues let me know

P.S. my pc was down for awhile.

Hi i am in the process of printing the Geakbot. do you have any updated files? or anything to add that i need to download?

I'm sorry, I've just been really busy. I'll have them complete in next few days. I've also have to upload the new X plate. I've finished this bot and will post all the new files in next day or two. It works astonishingly well and has a HUGE build area. There is also enough room on this design to add a 2nd extruder so i will be making a dual exruder X plate in near future too.

Why do the instructions just stop like 3/4 of the way through?

yes, this is a 3D printer. I will post up new pics soon as I've finished a couple of these just been strapped on time sorry.

updated x axis idler and motor ends. forgot a hole on the motor mount end to allow easier access to bottom motor mounts. Also missed a hole for top bearing on the motor end that is now fixed too.

Sorry been strapped for time but will have video and finished instructions soon.

I'll post a video tonight or in morning showing the bot going up and down. I'm nearly complete with the one and will show it.

They work perfect. They are pressed into the plastic is almost exact size as the hex nut. after it is in place it is near impossible to get it back out with just printing use. I can put it so that it has 2 screws going through it like my older version originally had if you like but there is no need for it.

Shouldn't the hex nuts for the Z-axis driven treathed rod be on the underside of the x-end or blocked by 2 screws?
I can't imagin how these would work and be able to lift the x- carriage?

I have uploaded the correct X carriage motor and idler ends. Every thing works perfect now. I will have the metric ones done tonight or tomorrow.

whait its a 3d printer right?

Sorry every one, been sick and busy. Good note I have redesigned the X carriage parts a bit. I'm printing them out now and running a test with them in morning if all goes well I'll have them uploaded and ready to go for every one.

OK, I'm back up and going. While I was sick though, a buddy of mine really came up with a cool part. It allows you to be able to slide the top half of the smooth rods so that no matter the situation, you'll always be able to get your smooth rods aligned together so your Z axis moves nice and smooth. I will be testing the parts out today and will upload the parts so we can continue the project!

Sorry every one I've been feeling under the weather the past week. Soon as I get back to 100% I will finish this project up, sorry for the delays.

I'll be running tests over the weekend to ensure the X ends allow for the bot to fully extended up and down. if all goes well I will have the parts uploaded and finish the instructions.

Comments deleted.

Sorry its taking me so long to get the instructions done. I found a few issues with the X axis ends that needed fixing. I'll have the files uploaded and the instructions finished in the next 24-48.

Made some changes to the X MOUNT PLATE W FAN, X MOUNT BRACKETS, and X MOTOR BELT MOUNT. They have been reworked a bit to allow a larger extruder. It will now fit the all metal J-head extruders.

Fixed 2 issues. Fixed geakbot_top_braces some how on of the holes was off a little bit making it hard to run your threaded rod through, not sure how I missed this but its fixed. Also redesigned the x plate w/ fan mount a bit so that it will allow a smaller extuder then we were previously using.

Here is a link to the build instructions http://www.geakbot.com/geakbot-v1-0-build-instructions/

I'll have most of it finished up tomorrow, sorry for the delays.

I will post what I have so far. I have most of the instructions for building the frame, I'll post link for instructions up in next couple hours.

Did you already had time to make a building description , with rod lengths and/or a bill off material etc please?
If you can provide a little more information, we could start planning for building this printer :-)

fixed the .7mm wall issue on the legs/top braces.

I'll have the build instructions up in a a day or so as I need to finish writing it up and putting the photos in. The BOM will be posted with the instructions.

You should be able to build this between $200-$350 depending where you get your parts.

Can you point me to the build instructions? Is the BOM complete? Is there a better list for the BOM for sourcing the parts?

Updated the X axis parts for both standard and metric to help make the 8mm smooth rods a bit easier to put on and remove.

GB_BED_ROD_MOUNTS and GB_SPRING_BED_MOUNTS are uploaded, remember they are still in beta and may change but they do work just fine. I will post pictures of it soon along with how to assemble as it can be a bit of a pain if not done in correct order.

Yes, they do work, I'll upload them now. We even where able to set up 2 200mmx200mm heatbeds as one complete 200mmx400mm with this set up. I'll upload them now, there is a chance I will change them in the near future but for now they do work.

If your talking about the holes that go through the "hex" shape for the hex nuts, it may be becauce one of the Hex is slighty off center from the other, the wholes them self are not just the hex design, I did it like this because after printing the rod did not like to turn through the top braces and was a bit hard, after i moved the hex heads a bit it released the pressure that was built up on the rod and allow it to turn through much easier.

If I am mistaken about the issue, please correct me, thanks.

One of the walls on the Top Brace piece is below Shapeway's .7mm wall thickness guideline. You may want to check that the hex/shaft holes on the Top Braces are perfectly aligned. Right now, it seems as if they're offset.

I am currently in the works for producing step by step instructions with photos to build one of these. I will have it up with in next couple days.

Printing out bed mounts now to test them :)

Did the bed mounts work out OK?

When you finished the BED MOUNTS and when you could post the exact specs for a 8x8x8 , then I can start building :-)

also, the purple Geakbot leg photo is actual print quality BEFORE the supports where added, the slight marks in the photo on the leg are from the pliers removing the part from the heatbed.

uploaded photos (there at the end) of suggested support points. We added 6 more rods total (about $5-$10) to make a super secure frame. With these supports in place, the frame is as good as solid.

Made slight adjustments to legs and top braces to both standard and metric parts. They were a bit thicker then I intended them to be, I must have forgot to edit them before uploading. Either way there is no difference other then the parts are slightly thinner to help save on plastic and time.

The black part has to be bought. It is a "injection molded direct drive extruder" there cheap around $10-15 for the direct drive itself and around $5 for the direct drive gear. You can source them from ebay or from our site when its live.

the holes on the X_PLATE are the same as prusa mendel i2 so that the extruders could be universal in case people did not want to source this part they could use alternative one her on thingverse.

Do you happen to have close up photos of the extruder?
Is this a direct drive extruder ?
Am I missing something or is the black part of the extruder , on the photos, not yet in the list with STL files?

Fixed GB_TOP_BRACES_METRIC. fixed the floating in air issue and removed the extra part that was left behind by mistake.

I have uploaded both GB_X_MOTOR_MOUNT_END_METRIC and GB_X_IDLER_END_METRIC. Please let me know if you have any issues.

I have uploaded GB_TOP_BRACES_METRIC, should be ready to go. I'll have the X ends up in a few.

I have not been able to work on the bed parts for a couple days but they are near done. I have made it in a way so that it will be able to adapt to any Y axis moving printer, I made it for 2 reasons, one so I can eliminate the aluminum plate the holds the wood and heated bed itself. 2 so that any one would be able to put 2 8x8 beds together on the geakbot to extend there distand of 8x18x8+

I'll have the metric parts uploaded some time today.

Did you already had time to work on the BED MOUNTS?
Since they are not shown yet, I'm curious to see what they look like :-)

Yes, I sure will. I will try and get it done today. Going to try and work on website for a bit then I'll get these done ;)

Sorry for the late reply, but I started the print before leaving on a weekend.
Just got back home and the first thing I did was check..
This is a PERFECT fit for the M8 nuts in the test leg part.
Thanks a lot for the effort.
Can you please also do the other parts with5/16 nuts and maybe make a double set:

  • one for M8 nuts for the people using Metric size bolts ( Europe, ... )
  • one for 5/16 nuts for the people using inch size bolts ( US, ... )

It is still named GB_LEGS_METRIC_TEST

I have uploaded the new file, I think it should work perfect for you this time.

OK, give me a bit I'll up size them a bit more.

I would say still too tight . Look at the photo; I had to use a bold to pull the nut in , pushing didn't work.
While pullingin, the ABS turns white because of the too high friction:

I have uploaded GB_LEGS_METRIC_TEST please try it and let me know if it is correct, if so I will change the X motor and idler end to this size as well.

I understand what you mean now, give me a moment I will do them and upload files, let me know if they work.

Comments deleted.

Do you mean the diameter of a M8 bolt? , I meassure 0,309" ( I've got a digital calipper that has Inch and mm readout :-) )

The problem is not so much the treaded rod itself but the nuts that go in the parts that are also to big, while the 8mm smooth rods diameter holes needs to stay 8mm, so scaling by 1 or 2 % so the nuts would fit without braking the part is no option.Then the 8mm holes would be to loose...

By chance, can you give me the radius of a M8 threaded rod?

Yes, I will go back and resize the holes that need this done to them, I will try and get it done today.


here in Europe, we have metric size bolts, so here, that would be M8.
I tried to print a part to see if the M8 would fit without adaption, but it doesn't, because M8 is slightly bigger than 5/16th,
Would it be possible to adapt the parts also for M8, where needed and make a separate version of these parts for M8?
Thanks in advance

Making the video now, will have it up soon sorry for the delay running behind ;)

I will post one today, give me a couple hours to finish a current project I am working on and I will have a youtube video up. Thanks for your interest in the project!

Wow cool, I like it a lot.
Any youtube film on the net of the printer printing, by any chance?