Candy Bowl by Creative Tools

by CreativeTools Feb 18, 2015
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Whey they are 2 STL's`?
One is Open on Top and one not, but WHY?

Must i Print this with Vasemode?
Or can i rint this with more Walls and only NO INFILL?


I'm new to printing. Made my bowl on a Anycubic I3 mega with a 0,4 nozzle at 0,1 with no infill. It came out realln nice but in the middle section there is a about 1cm "clearer" section wich runs continuosly around the bowl. I did not see this on any other pictures. So... design feature or did my printer made an error?


I' didn't manage to get Curo to not print this solid... :(

The estimated time was 1h 40min, but the print appeared to turn out solid. How thick should the bottom become, when printing with Cura's vase-mode? Did I stop the printing process too early?

I printed the solid one on my LulzBot mini. With "spiralize the outer contour" ON and "Solid infill top" OFF in Cura. For my first attempt I had a "Shell thickness" of 1 mm. That is the double of the Nozzle Size on the LulzBot. That ended in a bowl with some strange stripes in addition to the pattern in the model. But when printing with a Shell Thickness of 0.5 mm that matches the nozzle size it turned out perfect.

Great design. I made a few as dishes in various colours combined with a spiral design at the bottom. I made another but used simplify3d to stretch it so it could be a lampshade.

I like this bowl it looks great when printed with Blue Glow PLA. the translucent colors come out really nice too. Printed them in purple, green, red and blue. the blue one's came out the best. I gave them out to a few Sensei at Nabashimba Cup in Dallas last week as gifts. They were well recieved.

Thank Ptnpowers for your kind words! We love that you appreciate the bowl and that you found a it useful as a gift. :)

Had to print one. Printed with clear pla and a 0.4 tip. Came out fine.....very delicate. Wife liked it.

Wow so beautiful! If made out of glass and sold on IKEA these would probably cost like 39 SEK.. if sold on some design house, it would cost probably around 799 SEK :P

So beautiful, yet simple. I love them! :)

Glad you liked it! :)

Who knows...? maybe IKEA could 3D-print such products for customers in the future.

That's an idea, they have probably already started thinking and planning for that ;) hehe

Yummy! Thank you for the tip using slower speeds with PETT!