Spiral Yarn Bowl

by userexec Feb 19, 2015
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Would you be willing to share the CAD or STEP file for this so I can make some modifications easier?

I would be but I'm afraid that file was lost a number of years and computers ago :(

I printed this for my sister.

Ziro Marble PLA

Layer Hight .2
Temp 200
Infil 15%
Print speed 50
No supports.

First time I printed it it broke loose about 80% done. Looked ok though up to that point.
Second finished. I did the second on a raft for better stick to the surface, and thinking it may give me a better finish on the spiral surface. I was wrong. It stuck fine but the appearance of the face is dissappointing. I might hit it with some filler and paint before sending it to her.

Underside of the the top having had no support was a little rough but is ok. Rest is ok but If I were to pint it again I would put more exterior shells or denser infil cause you can see the infil in the light. The marble effect is cool though.

Really great bowl. Keeps my yarn nice and untangled. Yarn pulls right off the ball without me having to chase it. Printed nicely in PLA and support came right off. It does slide but I plan on gluing shelf liner on the bottom to keep it from sliding. It also doesn't break when dropped as my ceramic bowl did! Love it!

Can you please tell me what support setting did you use with the Green Bowl? Thank you .

fantastic bowl, wife does a lot of crochet items and always get her yarn in a knot, this has helped alot, many thanks

trying my second attempt at this, first one I didn't use supports, now I have a scoop. Wonder if the next one I should try less in fill, second one I am going for 53% will let you know how it turns out.

Shouldn't it be able to print without support if printed at an angle? If the spiral is on the build plate, the rest is supported. I'll remix maybe and upload at an angle that doesn't need support to print, or I'll add easily removable supports to the design.

I modded the design to include a slightly flared base which helps keep it stable, and four circular indents for AUS $1.60 worth of 10c pieces to add a bit of weight. I haven't glued the coins in yet - I need to print some circular covers for the holes - but just testing the weight with the coins gives enough mass to hold a ball of yarn about 25-30g. That's about 90m of four-ply, which just fits in the bowl. I printed mine at 97.5% full size so it would fit on my print bed with an ooze-wall as I was doing a two-colour print. I gave the inside a light sand with P180 abrasive paper and finished it with 1200 grit wet-and-dry abrasive paper.

Looking at this I have a few questions:
1) The print orientation - Did you print upside down?
2) The finish - The feature picture has obviously either been clear coated with silicone or polyurethane or is ABS that been through some type of acetone finishing, however, the green one looks to have much less finishing done to it and I was wondering how the finish on the green one effects the user's ability to yarn without snagging?
3) Infill - Seems to me ( I don't do anything with yarn mind you) that this bowl would maybe need to be at least a couple pounds. What infill percentage was used to get the bowl to enough mass to not just slide all over the place while the user is pulling the yarn through the hole?

1) I'm not sure the orientation the white one was printed in, but I printed the green one right-side up with full support material, then removed the supports by hand (you can't really tell in the pictures, and can barely tell in real life--the FlashForge Creator Pro is extraordinary at creating easily removed ABS support).

2) The person who printed the white one told me they did the finish with clear coat. The only snagging that would have happened seemed to be in the area where the yarn comes out--the rest of the inside of the bowl is quite smooth. If you look closely at the close-up of the yarn coming out the front, you'll see where I filed those edges down. After filing, the yarn comes out quite nicely.

3) The green bowl is 100% infill, but you're right, it's still pretty lightweight. I don't have experience using it (girlfriend knits and crochets, I just look on in awe), but my uninformed opinion would be that it may work if you put something smooth and heavy in the bottom. I notice she only uses it when she's laying on the couch knitting, and it's usually nestled down in some of the blankets to keep it in place.

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply! I'm going to print one of these over the weekend. Thanks again!