OpenBuilds V-Slot™ Linear Actuators

by OpenBuilds Apr 3, 2013
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Pity the holes on the bottom of the actuator end mounts aren't spaced 20mm like the actual thing, your regular spacing for mounting holes and thereby it is kinda useless.
I only found out after 8hours of printing for the pair!
It won't fit the extrusions spacing, it won't fit my c-beam gantry plate, also won't fit onto the mini plate....

To be honest there have been many variations to many OpenBuilds part files as mods and changes take place and in order to get the latest greatest versions of the models we have created a resource section on www.OpenBuilds.com to help keep these parts easily updated.
Thingiverse is great for sharing, but not really the place to find the newest version of the OpenBuilds part files.
Hope this helps

Did something change as the stl is using 10mm fillets on the 4 corners but the file specs shows 6.17mm for the micro V plate and this is called the mini V plate.

Yes you can go to OpenBuilds and download the SketchUps for the different plate sizes
Check though the actuators in the others categories here and I think you will find the plate your after is the V-Slot gantry plate.

Check though these example model downloads

V-Slot Gantry Plate

Hope this helps

do you have the files that fit the bigger Solid V Wheel Kit for this part?

Yeah I was looking at the pulleys and they looked too small. I was thinking of putting extra idle pulleys in the mean times on the front 2 motor mount bolt and on the other side to give a more linear movement of the belts until I can find larger pulleys that work better.

You can use the smaller pulleys but like dmatsumoto stated, it will have a sloped look to it. We are in the process of testing larger pulleys and plan on stocking them for the Mini V.

@domco: the geared pulley you worked will be fine, but the belt will run pretty close to the ends of the extrusion. I used my "minified" universal plate with the belt, and looped it over the top instead of from the bottom, which added a bit of a sloped look to the belt and it looks funny. I'd recommed running the belt underneath the plate so it runs perpendicular to the extrusion. The only reason why I went the other way was to get the teeth on the belt to engage so that when I ziptie it together, I'm positive it won't slip. I can post pictures of my assembly if this doesn't make sense. That said, I'd love to see pulleys with a larger OD so the belt doesn't run against the extrusion.

Not sure what was up with my first sentence, but I meant "the geared pully you purchased". :)

Thanks! I ordered the Gear'd pulley, Idle pulley, some v-slot and some misc things from your webpage yesterday. I'll give that one a try to start with.

Hello domco. We are still testing different size pulleys. We will update this post once we have the pulley information. We are also working on a complete bill of materials and will be sure to post that as well.
Thank you,
OpenBuilds Team

What pulleys are used inside the mini V. I love the idea and I have printed the end pieces already but I need a bill of material or parts list to build one completely.