Raspberry Pi B+ Case for Printrbot Simple Metal, Right-Side Version

by Nesciosquid Feb 20, 2015
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Hey, guys. I just recently upgraded to a heated bed for my printrbot simple metal. I also bought a raspberry Pi. Because the buildplate gets pretty hot, wouldn't you have to worry about this possibly damaging the Pi?

We can't make any guarantees, but I haven't had any heat issues. The case isn't particularly well-ventilated, which could be improved.

I accidentally left my heated bed on at 80C over an entire weekend (oops!), and the only ill effect was that the PLA melted a little around where the mount attaches to the edge of the bed, with no signs of damage to the Pi.

Personally, I might recommend buying a long camera cable and mounting the Pi somewhere near the printer, but not hanging off the side, like this.

Hey Nesciosquid,
I'd really love to use this case on my simple metal because I prefer my camera on the right as well. Only problem is that the .stl for the bottom of the case won't slice for me. I tried both Slic3r and Cura. Any suggestions of what I should do?

Hmm! That's strange. What version of Cura are you using?

I'm using 15.02.1, and I have no trouble slicing the bottom case piece. Are you sure you don't have any of the "Fix horrible" settings enabled (Combine everything Type-A or B, etc.)?

If not, maybe you could try loading up a different known-good Cura profile, such as the one Printrbot provides for the Simple Metal: https://printrbot.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203814574-Getting-Started-Profile

Just noticed that the .stl for the bottom on the download tab is only 215kb. Looks like something got lost in translation...

Hm. You're right! Let me make sure it got the right file. It seems weird that the test render would come out OK, though!

I re-downloaded the stl from Thingiverse, and everything looks OK to me. Are you still having slicing troubles?

I got it to slice with the latest version of Cura. I thought I had updated it recently, but I guess not! Strange that Slic3r can't process the model, but I use both Cura and Slic3r interchangeably depending on what I'm doing, so it's not a big issue.
Thanks for the help and suggestion!

No problem! If you figure out why Slic3r is having troubles, let me know. :)

Don't forget to post a Make and a photo if you end up printing it out!

I also can't get Slic3r to slice it. It is giving me three points.

Same here, even with slic3r 1.2.9. Is it possible to get the source file, because the STL is bad?