belt loom

by fbz Mar 8, 2011
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hey, super idee!

I made a smaller version of about 8 slots from 4 mm mdf on the laser. Any charring or deposits are easily sanded off, hardly any comes off the grooves with mdf . You could put a mask on the surface too (low tac masking tape). Used the laser to engrave our school's name.

Did you make a shuttle to go with this too?

Does the dingfabrik have a laser cutter? 4 mm is much quicker to cut on the laser cutter then on the router (both are CNC machines) and you do not have to code any gcode for it.

No we don't have a laser cutter yet, we are saving up. This is a fast cut on our cnc mill, and it took me about 10 minutes to throw together the gcode: super easy! Also the laser cutter leaves burn marks which would have to be sanded down to not affect the yarn. I barely had to sand the slots to de-splinter this.