Universal phone/tablet stand with adjustable angle.

by ClassicGOD Feb 21, 2015
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hi all -- does anyone know how many grams this weighs?

This is a great print! It printed perfect the first time. I will be printing more of these for sure. Thank you!

I found out that the lip in front is too low for securely holding a phone or tablet within a protective case. I have made it 5mm more high and then it works.

BEST ipad stand I've found here. I'm printing out another one somewhat bigger but the smaller version works fine with my ipad2. Great work, thank you very much!

... actually, I think I'll make one for every room in the house! Thanks for allowing me to abandon my old case/stand, which was funky and falling apart.

i don't know why, i printed this and thought it would fit in my wallet, it obviously didn't, you can print it thinner and it prob will, great design never the less :)

What a great design. Kudos to you dude, I've been printing a while now but this blew my mind all over again.

Hello how would I be able to remix this phone stand in fusion 360?

great design. It was a great moment to break the pieces out. After 3 moves it worked very smooth.
Thank you.

I decreased the multiplier but it still was fused together. Any suggestions?

BTW, I love this stand.

This is great. My first one stuck together. I scaled it up and reduced the number of shells and it popped right off. Instagram video here.

Thanks for this. I made one. No pics (sorry). I perhaps would make one change. Going by your first pic above, near the top, I would add 2 pins so that in the collapsed state the would rest in the notches so that it would be easier to stay mostly in the collapsed state instead of "falling through the bottom". I am really new to 3D and CAD so I doubt I could change you files.

Again thanks for this. I love it.

Excellent design, im gonna print a bunch of this to give away.


Simply a brilliant design. KUDOS! It was a pleasure to print and use. Thank you

Great design!!! Have printed several for my family, everyone loves it! Thank you!

love it! cool design!

Really slick design! It has a huge range of angles and is very compact. Also a short print!

Having real problems trying to stop this from warping. Hopefully I'll work something out XD looks like an awesome design!

I printed approximately 15, i love it!
Thank You.

Pieces are too close together. I printed at high definition and it was completely fused.

There is 0.4mm or more space between peaces. Your printer is probably overextruding - try setting your extrusion multiplier to 0.8.

These things are awesome! I printed a few of them.

In my later prints I had to do a lot of exacto knifing to cut the parts away. Any chance at adding a tiny bit of clearance?

AWESOME design. Giving this to my dad as a gift soon, and I'm glad I don't have to drill holes or put in screws. Thanks!

What type of clearances do you use for your hinges?

If i remember correctly the hinges are nested cones with ~60 degree slopped walls and spaced out by 0.5mm. (top of the cone to top of the other cone not wall to wall)

0.4mm also worked great but higher the clearances higher the percentage of printers that can print it no problem ;)

Can you still use your camera with any orientation of your phone?

Yea, it's small enough that it doesn't cover the camera in any orientation.

Super smart design! I have downloaded and bought quite a few phone stands. This is my favorite by far!

Comments deleted.

Very good! You had to printed piece by piece ??

Hey just wanted to say this is a very smart design. You incorporated everything into a single piece as well as having it very simple. This is easily the best tablet/phone stand design out there. It's nice when I find a model that is actually 3d printing friendly. Keep up the good work.

Thanks! I'm really happy that you like it! I'm fascinated with objects with moving parts that can be printed as one peace on FDM printer so I'm happy that the one I deigned works for so many people.

Printed great first try. Very nice design!