by barney Apr 3, 2013
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This is one of the very best designs I have seen. Printing it very soon. Thanks for making something as incredible as this.

What are the little triangle parts for, is this just for printing reasons?

Very nice model, man. Perfectly optimized for 3D printing.

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I have printed it in PLA.
The joints were too loose so I tried sending them...this didn't help.
I found a good solution, heated the joints with a heat gun and slightly squeezed with my fingers.
Works great now.
Thanks barney for a great model.

Me too.
At first the joints were ok, but they got loose after use.
I solved coating the joints with a little layer of glue. I used UV curing glue because it can be cured in seconds.
I put some drops on unassembled joints, then I assembled them and moved to distribute the glue. Then I unassembled again and cured.
Where it wasn't enough, I made it again. It worked for me.


Thanks for printing the design and giving feedback! I've got some very slightly updated joints to upload soon which should eliminate a lot of the problems people have faced.

thank you very much for making this, ive printed a couple of them at 75% scale and they are great, the joints are abit loose at this size, which is fine as the model was not deisgned to be printed at this size, it would be great if it could be though and still have good joints, because that sort of height is great for an action figure, i think.
anyhows, you have done a great job, his head and shoulders are very stylish, he has a great look about him, maybe more scuipting on the hands. Thank you for all the fun i've had printing the vertex 2
i really like the redesign, by the way

Hi, thanks a lot!

I think i have a smaller version with slightly tighter joints which i will have to upload soon. Since making this i've also designed some slightly different joints that can be printed a lot tighter by flexing slightly which I want to incorporate into a new action figure. I agree the hands aren't great, they were a bit of a rush job!

Nice build!!!! I will give a try!

Thanks for the model. Printed nozzle 0.7 and height of the layer of 0.5. Rough, but very beautiful. For other advise you to do either wholly filled, either with thick walls model. I used 5 turns (0.5 mm). Less - joints break.

The knees don't hold in well, also I don't see the need to separate the knee form the thigh, a minor redesign or a tiny support would have been enough.

Thanks for the feedback. The main trouble I had with the joints was printing consistently as sometimes one side of the joint was distorted during printing. I have created a slightly smaller variation that should have tighter joints but i haven't got round to uploading it yet.

I'm sure it would be ok to print the knee and thigh in one piece however one of my aims with the project was to produce something that didn't require supports at all for various reasons. Also with earlier tests I found that the joints would crack when printed in other orientations, printing in this way provides the strongest joint socket.

thank you for this answome model! I had only white ABS, and I printed it with a .3 resolution so it's far from looking as good as your original, but here is the result:

My kid will surely play with it when he's old enough. And I'm definitely looking forward having a color print someday.

The only problem I had was with the inserts for the lower leg. For some reason the triangles were too big to fit. I glued the pieces and it's fine (i also glued the torso).

It looks great! thanks for sharing.

Yeh I found the inserts quite hard to print consistently, but glue always seems to do the trick :)

Wow! Effective model! I'll print it on my 3DTouch tripple head... Thank You!

great design and great printing, whitch 3dprinter did u use?

Thanks! I used a Makerbot Replicator 2

Same one I am using. And I agree. Very few designs are better than this.

Appreciated. Now I have to make 20 of these for my cousins and friends of family haha! Andrew (http://3dhacker.com3dhacker.com)

what program did you model in?

primarily rhino 5, but the head and upper arms were modelled in modo and converted to nurbs using tsplines for further editing with rhino.

Wow- Stunning! Now we need to make a giant sized Vertex to guard the studio ;)

I couldn't get the upper legs to print. Slic3r kept reporting "out of memory". I think there's something wrong with the file.

Hi, I think that might be because i've exported an unnecessarily dense stl file. I've just uploaded a new file that's half the size, let me know if that works for you, cheers

The new file printed just fine. Thanks for the quick reply. My nephew is 12 and he thinks your robot is awesome.

thats great to hear, cheers! if you have a spare minute to take a photo i'd love to see how it turned out :)

I want to print this sooo bad but my printer is busted :(

I hope you get it fixed soon! Seeing other people print your designs is definitely the most rewarding part of a project for me.

As soon as i get it going again i'll be sure to print one out and post it up. I guess now i have time to think of colour combinations.

Dang, now I have to print this one too. There goes Saturday... :-)

haha it should work a lot better than the previous design :)

This wouldn't happen to be compatible with LEGO Bionicle/Hero Factory, would it?

no, sorry. It's of a similar size to bionicle/hero factory but all the joints are slightly different to give a more constrained movement

what size extruder did you use? i think my kids would love this.

I used a replicator 2 which I think has a 0.4mm nozzle.

I'd love to see how your kids get on with it if you end up printing it! This project was started with the intention of being a toy for children.

Awesome! One step closer to print-and-play transformers!