Rocket Plane Candy Container

by mech-G Feb 23, 2015
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The max speed is really 10mm/s? What happens if you run it faster? Seems insanely slow!

It IS insanely slow, but that's T-Glase for you. It just behaves better at low speeds. Maybe it will be different on your printer. If you use a transparent PLA, you should be able to print much faster.

Okay, I learned the hard way. I ran it a lot faster and it looked like a pile of spaghetti. I am running a .4 nozzle so perhaps thats also part of the problem. Will slow things down and see what it looks like. Thanks for the help!

With a .4 extrusion, you need to decrease your layer height also, otherwise there will be very little adhesion. Try .3mm layer height in addition to 10mm/s speed. And use 100% fan throughout.

In case you were not aware of this, you CAN do a .5mm extrusion width even though you have a .4mm nozzle. Then, you could keep the .4mm layer height and the print will go faster.

When I try to scale this up I end up getting a seam almost exactly in the middle, for some reason any scale change causes a layer break, any thought on combating this issue?

I don't know what you mean. Can you post a photo?

That T-Glase looks amazing!

How do you combat the heat buildup in the last few layers of the tip? mine ends up melting the end.

Make sure your slicer settings cause the layer fan to be 100% at that point. And use the minimum print temperature for the material. You can also use a small, extra fan directed at the tip during the last 10 layers or so. With the t-glase, usually only the last 5-6 layers are wobbly, so I just trim it with an xacto knife afterwards.