Simple Router Attachment for Dremel 1000

by dio300 Feb 24, 2015
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I tried to open these STLs and they come out really tiny, like 2mm in total size. This happened when loading them in Cura as well as importing them to tinkercad. What happened?

i like you design.. I am working on a 3d printed attachment to dremel to mill a groove into a aluminum bicycle wheel.. the manufacturer made defect in the rim and didn't build tire bead for the tire to latch onto when under pressure.. so i am going to have to build one.. I think i only need about 1-2 mm of a groove to fit the tire into.. however I need to be ver careful to place the groove in right position.. so i will need to make a jig to measure the groove location on other side of rim.. and then flip wheel around and mill out the lip.. I am trying to figure out also the type of attachment i will need to mount to dremel.. and sort out what speed i want to grind at.. I figure once i have a good jig.. it should be fairly quick process.. I am considering contacting the manufacterer, whom is in china.. about possiblity getting it replaced.. but that cud be more work than it's worth.. However i still may contact them regardless to notify them of the defect and see what they have to say.