Box Mod Dual 18650 G box Sled

by Swinson Feb 24, 2015
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Would you be able to design one for the 1590G+ and the 1590A+

cant get keystone 209 and 228 to fit without having to grind the slots wider . scaled up to 1.02 and they still dont fit without modification .

Do you have a hammond A box ? looking for one that can hold 2x18650 in A box size.

No A box design. If you have an extra empty box you could send my way. I can probably design something.

Anyone found contacts that work, 209 are way to big, and 228 recessed into the frame so much that you cant use flat tops or the negative.

can you do this for the b box please :)

U do get, that he did a 2x26650 for b-box?

you do realize i was not asking you, and other people may want to put i circuit board in there so 2 26650s would not be ideal

you do realize i was not asking you, and other people may want to put i circuit board in there so 2 26650s would not be ideal

Ronald.... u know, that he did... for 2x26650
BTW, i cracked the 3x18650 for B-Box in the way that utilize the lids from 2x26650

You should make one like this for the 1590b box

Looks great! I am going through a local printer (Until I get my own) and wanted to know units of the file as you've uploaded?

Also, best material to use?

I did some number of those and i can tell u. Use ABS, heat the extruder few deg above nominal. try to use a big nozzle (i get it best with 0,38)

When will You crack the 3x18650 B size and a 2x18650 A-size?

Any update on extending those battery slots?

Swinson, I tried to print off of your files... it seems to print with the side axis on the print deck. Rather than the largest flatest surface on the deck. Is this correct?

You better have a damn good support algorithm to do that lol. Just turn the part flat in your slicer before you print.

hey swinson can you extend the battery slots by about 1.5mm for me? on series

Yeah I have had a few people tell me some batteries fit a little tight. I'll look into fixing that very soon.

Ok I've got 50 boxes to build if you could let me know, I'll even paypal you like 10 bucks to expedite it

Absolutely friggin genius!
Great Work.

Do you have a dual or triple 18650 drop in sled for a 1590B?

Im going to post my dual design tonight or tomorrow. And a triple is in the works. ;)

Have you already posted this? I cant seem to find it.

Is this setup to use with a 16mm switch?

A 16mm should work but it may be a tight fit.

Thanks for the quick response, I'll probably just throw a 12mm in for now

What contacts are you using with this?

Keystone 209 and 228

KEYSTONE 209 is dual or singel?

Can this be run in series

No the contact wells are recessed a little differently. Ill add a series version at some point today.

what about the cover in the picture is cut back so the battery fits, can you upload that version?