Leonard Nimoy Memorial Print.

by Geoffro Feb 28, 2015
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I asked him to take it down, I was met with a clear No. What can you do? I have no recourse as I do not hold any licenses to Star Trek, I guess all I can do is let everyone know about the nerfherder (as you kindly have also done). May he be ambushed by Tusken Raiders on his way home and eaten for dinner.

Edited, wrong person.

Not me, so kindly delete the above. What photo are you referencing? The one of my print of your item?

Sorry they used my picture - unbelievable.

Wow - I just found the deleted listing at http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Krz1NWeatZ4J:www.ebay.com/itm/3D-Printed-Star-Trek-Spock-Leonard-Nimoy-Memorial-/252287323040%3Fhash%3Ditem3abd7f0ba0:g:p8MAAOSwWTRWwMw8+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

They took the picture of my make from here and used it in their listing. Wish you would have messaged me before the above accusation.....

Hi, I did message you through thingiverse about a month ago.
I can only apologise, I'm sure you can understand since he used your photo we thought it was you, but then we found all the other images stolen from thingiverse, yours, mine, every bodies.

I have edited the post, sorry again.

Hey Loubie and me had the same problem with this company we are currently discussing this issue here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1350837/#comments, please like her Sad Face Item to support creating awareness and have a look on all the useful info in the comments.

Loubies sad face already raised awareness in several social media places and hopefully will gain some traction.

by loubie

Yeah, scroll down the bottom of the page. i've been there since the beginning. He ripped my shit off ages ago.

Comments deleted.

I ready enjoyed printing this item. I did the print with no infill, no support and enlarged it to the size of my hand. Plastic filament: semi transparent blue PLA, it took 16.5 hours to print. The top of each finger tip printed perfect. The results were very good! Very little clean up. I installed a super bright LED inside the base, the results are so awesome looking. The illuminated Spock Hand always gets head turning attention and a smile when people walk into my office.

Man, Geoffro....this is awesome.

Nice design.
Would you mind changing the license because I would like to make a derivate.

Thanks for the design! I, too, had issues with the text. I think the extrusion distance is a bit far. If I scale up the size it may help - or if you can reduce the extrusion of the characters. The hand printed beautifully.

Excellent job, first complete print on my new printer, looks really good.
Thanks again

Awesome. Anyway I can convince you to make the text sculpted in instead of extruded. I cant get the text to come out well when printing

Sure, I'm at work now but will upload a carved and plain base in a couple hours.

He was my favorite Star Trek character!

I'm printing it right now. 7 hours... Still 5 more hours to go. I upload the result when I finished. Great job dude !

Here is someone worth mourning! Not that sociopath from Apple

Of all the souls I have ever encountered, his was the most..... Human.
Wonderful model. May he rest in peace.