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by gigl Mar 29, 2015
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do you have any pictures of how the motor is attached to the turntable?

It depends on the diameter of the Motor Axle. Basically you just push the Axle into the hole of the Turntable

since the link to that motor is dead as far as pictures go, can anyone tell me more of the specs on it so I get the right or close enough to right one?

Hi EasyEJL,

Of course there is a motor, but there is no link from the app to the motor. Therefore you need to turn it on/off manually. I used to have a switch there. Once you recorded long enough for a complete revolution, you just need to set the correct time to show the App the 0 Deg Time and the 360 Deg Time

Thank you for this. I'm in work to finish it...
Only printing the table is not really good. In a second try I rotate the table 180° with Cura before printing. Then it was easy with a perfekt print.
If I finish I will Post again ... :)

Hi I want to build it, but I need some more details on how to connect laser, and motors, and how the phone will controlled it.
Please would be helpful I'm waiting the aluminium parts already, just need to know if is a real thing or just theory.

Hey Mr. Nylon,

No this is not just theory, it actually works.
The owl shown above was achieved with such a construction.
Just follow the instructions very strictly and make sure the environment is dark when you scan, so just the laser is seen.

Thanks Gigl but where can I find d a complete instruction? I dont know if I need a controller for the laser and motor. Or they just need to be powered up?

Hi MyNylon,

Now I get your concerns. There is no "special" wiring needed.
The Motor i use can simply powered with 12V, the Laser simply with 5V
Make sure that the laser is as thin as possible, is vertical and points to the middle of the turntable
The construction just aids you with the physical abilities.
All the remaining instructions in the app are explained there.

thanks, ill get to it soon

interested projet i like it but the software scan3doid need to payd :-((

Yes this is true. But the used software is by far cheaper than what you would spend for the plastic, the motor and the rods.
For me its a fair price.

I didn't want to go to the hardware store so I made these:


Enjoy! Great design by the way.

Rods for 3D Scanner

Hey, After making the Table, I found it to be way too thin to keep stability, it warps after support removal, the Table Top could be a little thicker to combat the warping of thin material.

Hi 3dprintsolutions.

I printed that with ABS. To get even more stability an option could be PLA.
Why did you add support ? If you print the table top-side-down it will sit on its plane face. No need to
remove support and hence more stable.

My 1st print was already usable and well stable.

Rod lengths seem off, 150mm long? The square rods pictured are more than 150mm long.

Thank you for the hint. Instructions are corrrected now.

is it possible to make a new scanning with another object ?
I'm really interested by scan3doid.
thank you very much.

Yes, its possible. But you need some hardware in place
e.g. This "thing".
Scan3doid can then record the video and generate an 3d Model from it, then.

could i use more than one laser

Hi Darkcrow,

I dont think this will work. The software will not be able to distinguish the lasers currently, if there is more than one.

Scan3Doid is one option to create a 3D scan from your thing. It is basically taking a video from the turntable.
Android has perfect capabilities to taking videos :)
With the app you basically have to set some parameters manually, like start and stop time, lower in the video.
Other parameters are lower limit, upper limit, output dimensions.(There is no calibration)
Finally you press the "Process Video button"
Personally I can state, that I did have success with Scan3Doid. It was cheaper than the motor,
but maybe you find a better option.

After a bit of searching, I found Scan3doid at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gsohler.scan3droid&hl=en ($5.75 to buy). There's no mention at the Google store of how you connect the phone to the laser/turntable. Presumably there is no connection, and the app will just take lots of photos and somehow know when a revolution is complete... maybe it just knows the turntable turns at 3RPM, so it records for 20 seconds?

The author's website according to the App store is at http://www.guenther-sohler.net/ but doesn't mention 3D scanning. It's also in German.

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