Telescopic Honeycomb pen-holder

by tackoum Mar 1, 2015
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Pretty cool design. I had to scale it to 80% but it's a very handy desktop pen/pencil holder. Took me about ~24 hours to print with my Ender 3 going at 0.15mm, with 15% but turned out great. Thanks for this!

That looks great! WOW 24 hours huh???!! Well the end result certainly pays off!
Thanx for printing my design and posting!

Is there any chance you could fill in the end of the honeycombs? I have found over long term use, that pens leak on the desk they are sitting on. I have tried to open the stl and it always opens fragmented or messed up in some way. Great design though! ive made about 8 of these so far for co-workers.

This is a great design. I have made about 6 of these now in different colors for different people. It is also great to print, even for a beginner. Thank you for making this available!

Hello! I really glad you like the design and printed it multiple times without issues! This was one of my first designs I made specifically for 3D printing and so it holds a really special place in my heart!

Hey, I really like this. Would it be possible to get the original file so I could add something to it? What program did you use to create this? Thank you!


This was designed in Solidworks almost 3 years ago, so I'll have to check my back-ups to find it. Do you have/design in Solidworks?

If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you want to add to it??

I do not design in solidworks but I would learn just to make the modification to this file. If you cannot find it, dont worry about it. I'll just edit the stl. And one of the guys at my work wants me to print this for him and I thought it would be cool to put a name plate across the front and put our company logo on it. Thank you!

Currently printing one full scale. It's 7 hours in and I'm at z = 24mm lol. This is going to take awhile lol

New time lapse video I made printing this model at 100 microns using Airwolf3D PLA at 80% scale.

That's a great vid you guys!!! Which Airwolf printer are you using??

PS: I envy you a little bit that you are using an Airwolf3D printer! I'm hearing great stuff about them!

Anyhow! Good job! and thanx for posting the make!!!


Love the design and just printed one.

Neewbie mistake though, forget the consider the reasonable-ness of the scale ^^'
Loaded it into the makerbot and it said it was to big... "uh-oh" I though and re-scaled it to fit per the auto-option and began printing.
So now I have a fairly humongous one!
For the next one and further prints I'll remember to read the instructions and not just load and print! (:

HAHAHAHA!!! Well, I guess now you can fit A LOT of pens in there! Upload a photo at some point, so I can see the magnitute of the print!

Happy you like the design and hope you enjoy!


Very nice design. Practical and holds a lot of pens. Just what i need ;)

Thanx for the comments guys! Glad you like it! I have a ton more designs of things for the house and the office, always one piece/no support style, but I don't have the time to upload them! Thanx again!

upload more ur designs are so cool im gonna print one of these for mother's day :)

oh and might i suggest you make one with the bottom closed off so if people want one that they can put pens in with them open and not color the desk, they can?

Nice design! Want this strange thing on my desk too )

I genuinely can't believe nobody has commented on this yet. I've now printed two of these and they both came out stunning. Probably my single favorite print in the year I've had my Creator Pro. Sits on my desk and home and on my desk at work and I use them every day. People compliment them regularly.

Stunning design, dude. Beautifully done.