Fishing Line Pulley for my DIY Ultimaker

by mm-cnc Apr 6, 2013
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i get these errors in my openscad

WARNING: Can't open library 'Thread_Library.scad'.
WARNING: Ignoring unknown module 'trapezoidThread'.

can u help me?

Honestly I never worked with OpenSCAD. No idea what you want to do or what is your problem. I'm sorry!

How do you calculate steps per mm for this setup ?

Great work.

Hi. I just printed it(http://www.thingiverse.com/make:104378).
Everything seems perfect except for that I cannot find any holes the line goes through. Can you tell me how do you use this? I think that line will slip when high load, if I just reel over it.

Fishing Line Pulley for my DIY Ultimaker

You don't need a hole to fix the line to it. Just wrap it arround twice and the rest will be done by friction if you have enough tension on the line. Trust me! Works great for 1000h on my ultimaker derivate.

Thank you very much for help.


Could you, please, upload one for 6.35 shaft (Nema23)? I would like to give it a try. Thank you in advance.

Done. Hope it will work for you!

Does anyone have pictures of this actually installed on a Delta style printer? I'm trying to figure this out in my head before I start driving myself crazy threading this thing.

Pulley6.stl is the one with 5mm inner hole
and pulley5.stl is for 8mm inner hole..
They came pretty nice at 0.1mm

Do you have a SCAD that we could edit?

No, I'm sorry. I don't design with SCAD. I use Siemens NX7.5.
If you would like to let me know, what you would like to be changed, I can do this for you and post the file here.

Do you think that this pulley would be adequate travel for a Rostock? Money is a little tight, and if it would do the job, I'd like to run Spectra lines on the one I'm building. Looking forward to the extra speed and print volume over my Mendel.

I'm using the same diameter in my woodstock!

I'd say that's excellent news for me, then :) I'll print a set of these tomorrow! (Got a motor mount printing right now :)

So good luck for you!