OmniStand Top Mount Filament Spool Stand

by BaronWilliams, published

OmniStand Top Mount Filament Spool Stand by BaronWilliams Mar 2, 2015
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This is a new thing created on 3/1/15, it might have a few bugs here and there. Please leave me a comment if you see any problems in the description, instructions or models. Thanks

OmniStand Top Mount Filament Spool Stand v1.01


  • FlashForge Dreamer
  • Dremel 3D Idea Builder

The OmniStand Top Mount Filament Stand is a quick connect filament spool stand for the FlashForge Dreamer and Dremel 3D Idea Builder printers.


  • Stand base mounts to existing holes on the printer
  • The printer lid still fits after the stand base is installed
  • Quick connect stands remove easily from the stand base
  • Compatible with all OmniStand filament stands, rods and spacers
  • Supports more filament spools than the original OmniStand
  • Compatible with the original printer filament spool rod

The OmniStand Top Mount Filament Spool Stand is a new version of the OmniStand (see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:652415) designed to hold filament spools that are too large to fit inside the printer.

The OmniStand attaches to the top of these 3D printers using existing screw mount holes (longer bolts are needed). The stand allows many different sizes of filament spools to be used. It can hold 2 spools.

The OmniStand Top Mount set is compatible with other OmniStand spool stands, rods, rod spacers, and locks.

The OmniStand Top Mount stand base is the only thing that attaches to the printer's body. The detachable quick connects stands, once removed, allow the printer's lid to be placed on the printer without removing the OmniStand Top Mount stand base from the printer.


  • Up to 280 mm (11.02") in diameter
  • Up to 102 mm (4.01") wide

This set can accommodate filament spools as large as 280 mm (11.02") in diameter and 102 mm (4.01") wide. Spool rod holes (hub holes) must be 19.5 mm (0.76") in diameter or larger to work with this set.

The OmniStand Top Mount Filament Spool Stand fits all the filament spools that fit the standard OmniStand set. Spools tested which fit both sets include:

  • ASAPTech TPE (0.7 kg white tested)
  • ColorFabb (0.75 kg CopperFill tested)
  • Dremel (all filament tested)
  • ESun (0.5 kg bronze tested)
  • Filamex (0.5 kg spools of ABS/PLA tested)
  • FlashForge Dreamer (all filament tested)
  • Hatchbox (1 kg and 0.45 kg spools of ABS/PLA tested)
  • Magic Cube (0.45 kg ABS tested)
  • MakerBot (0.5 lbs small spool of PLA tested)
  • MG Chemicals (0.25 kg of PLA/ABS tested)
  • NinjaFlex (0.5 kg Fire color tested)
  • Taulman (0.45 kg of T-glase tested)
  • USAFilament (0.5 kg PVA tested)
  • Zen Toolworks (1 kg pools tested)

In addition to these spools, the OmniStand Top Mount set also was tested to fits these filament spools which don't work with the standard OmniStand set because they can't fit inside the printer:

  • Filament Outlet (1 kg spool of HIPS tested)
  • Gizmo Dorks (1 kg spool of HIPS tested)
  • MakerBot (2 lbs large spool of PLA tested)
  • Octave (1 kg spool tested)
  • Shaxon (1 kg spool of ABS tested)
  • USAFilament (1 kg spool tested)

These are just the ones that have been tested. Many other filament spools are also compatible.


The quick connect stands have a sliding switch with two positions. The switch is designed to move easily, and snaps into either the locked, or unlocked position. When switched down, the switch locks the stand into the base. When switched up, the stand can be easily removed from the base by sliding it towards the side of the printer.

The quick connect filament stand included in this set has it's center spool rod connection point at 145 mm from it's feet. It is much taller than the stands that are part of the standard OmniStand set. It can fit the standard OmniStand base, but should not be using inside the printer because it is too tall. Only use this quick connect stand outside of the printer in conjunction with the OmniStand Top Mount base in this set.


The filament rods are 19 mm (0.74") in diameter, and made to accommodate 19.5 mm (0.76") filament spool holes. Some spools will fit better if a spacer is used. This set includes 6 filament rod spacers.

  • 24x102 mm (0.94x4.01")
  • 29x102 mm (1.14x4.01")
  • 34x102 mm (1.33x4.01")
  • 39x102 mm (1.53x4.01")
  • 44x102 mm (1.73x4.01")
  • 49x102 mm (1.92x4.01")

The filament rod spacers slip over the filament rods and expand the rods to 24 mm, 29 mm, 34 mm, 39 mm, 44 mm, and 49 mm in diameter to accommodate filament spool holes over 50 mm in diameter. The 39 mm, 44 mm, and 49 mm spacers have a 5x2 mm lip on them to keep the spool in place, so they reduce the rod's spool width capacity by 2 mm. The spacers fit the 125 mm long filament rod in this set.


The OmniStand filament rods are compatible with the FlashForge Dreamer and Dremel 3D Idea Builder filament rods. They use the same connector design, are the same diameter, but are much longer.

This set includes 1 spool rod that's 125 mm long.

The 125 mm rod in this set can hold spools that are up to 102 mm wide.

Additional rods are found here:

OmniStand Adjustable Filament Spool Stand

OmniStand Extra Long Filament Spool Rods


OmniStand Adjustable Filament Spool Stand

OmniStand Extra Long Filament Spool Rods (These are shorter than the rod in this set)

Non-Quick Connect OmniStand Compatible Filament Spool Stands

OmniStand Compatible Quick Connect Filament Spool Stands


1.01 - 3/1/2015, Fixed a problem in the spacer STL models. There was a bug making the models slice completely solid.



For the installation, 4 existing nuts and bolts need to be replaced with longer bolts.

For the project I used M3 nuts and bolts to attach the OmniStand base. Note that M3 nuts and bolts of different lengths are used throughout the FlashForge Dreamer and Dremel Idea Builder printers. So these nuts and bolts are useful for other upgrades you might make to these printers.

The nuts I used are the full hex nuts of size M3x0.5mm pitch that these printers use.

The nuts I purchased are found there:

The bolts I used are the 3 mm bolts these printers use. They have Allen sockets on the cap. The exact size I used was M3x20. They were a little long, but worked. Size M3x15 will fit better.

The bolts I purchased are found here (I recommend getting M3x15 instead):


I printed and tested all of my parts using Filamex White ABS. Others have used PLA. For the Dremel printer, PLA should be fine. For the Dreamer with the heated build plate, ABS should probably be used.


Except for the filament spool rod spacers, print all other parts at 0.10 mm layer height, no thicker, to ensure a proper fit of all parts.

The stand base prints without support. Print it with the large flat side down. Use 70% infill and 3 shells.

The stand requires support for overhangs in back of the rod holes only. The portion where the stand lock is inserted should not be printed with support. The stand should be printed with it's long flat side down (it's back), and not standing up, otherwise the rod holes will not print correctly. Use 70% infill and 3 shells.

The filament spool rod requires support at the very top where it locks into the stand's rod holes. The rod must be printed standing upright. If printed on it's side, it will be rough, require much more support, and might not fit into the stand properly because of warpage. Use 70% infill, and 3 shells.

The stand lock switch prints without support. Print it with the large flat side down. Use at least 20% infill and 3 shells.

The filament spool rod spacers should be printed standing upright. These do not need to be strong. I recommend printing them with at least 2 shells, and around 10% infill.


Step 1: after printing, to install the OmniStand Top Mount base, remove the printer lid and then remove the 4 existing nuts and bolts from the top of the dreamer near the back. Look at the mounting location of the OmniStand Top Mount base in the photos for the location of these 4 nuts and bolts. These 4 bolts cannot be reused because they are too short.

Step 2: stick 4 longer bolts (at least 15 mm long) through the 4 holes on the top of the OmniStand Top Mount base. Place the OmniStand Top Mount base on the top back of the printer, ensuring that the 4 bolts enter into the printer's 4 bolt mount holes. Now attach 4 nuts to the bottom of the 4 bolts. Tighten them, but not too tight. They need to be tight enough that the OmniStand Top Mount base doesn't move on it's own.

Step 3: insert the lock into the stand so that it snaps in. Once the lock snaps into the stand it will not come back out. The lock works as a switch with 2 positions: locked, and unlocked. When in the unlocked position, the switch's end is completely inside the stand. When in the locked position, the switch's end extends down below the stand's bottom.

Step 4: switch the stand's lock into the unlock position and slide the stand into either the left or right side of OmniStand Top Mount base.

Step 5: switch the stand's lock into the lock position by sliding the switch down into the stand base. The stand is now securely attached to the stand base and will not come out as long as the switch is in the locked position.

Step 6: insert the rod into your chosen filament spool, and attach the rod to the filament stand. Insert the rod with the handle level to the bottom of the printer. To lock the rod in the stand, turn the rod counter clockwise so that the handle is perpendicular to the bottom of the Dreamer.

NOTE: The printer lid cannot be put on the printer when the stands are attached to the stand base. To put the lid on, move the stand locks up to unlock the stands, and slide them off of the stand base and remove them.

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I have a Dremel 3d Idea Builder. The print worked perfectly. I was using spool holders outside of the printer, half the time the filament would get tangled and break and then mess up the print. With this, My filament has not been getting tangled and my prints have been so much better. One thing to note is that the screws that came with the printer worked fine, I did not need to buy new screws. It holds everything together. I love this.

Nice concept and design. I ended up using different machine screws (no nuts needed) 4-40 x 1/2 (very similar size to recommended by creator). Would recommend anyone looking at the project to think thru all the options the creator has provided. I ended up building longer shaft then needed and even though I have the adapter/insert for a big spool, I don't think that is needed . . . I'm using large spool on the arm as depicted in the picture (picture as of 1/7/17 that is). Conceptually, I think an adjustable brace between the outside of rod down to the top of the printer, would help with stability. If/when I get to that stage of 3D print capility, I might try to add that in to the project. Must have for the FF Dreamer IMHO.


I printed two holder.

After that i became z-axis Wobble on my printed objects.
The printer puts the filament in vibrations and the holder deforms the plastic above the z-axis and moves it.

After I've dimount the holder, my prints looks much better.

The top of my Dreamer had screws and were set into the plastic of the top of the Z-axis screw holder rather than nuts and bolts. Trying to decide if I want to drill out the plastic at the top of the z-axis screw holder to put in the bolts you recommend, or to buy screws that are a bit longer and will work with no change to the Dreamer....

Jan 26, 2016 - Modified Jan 26, 2016

Hi, thanks for this spool stand...
Here my contribution :
I updated your Dreamer-Spool-Rod-125mm.stl by Dreamer-Spool-With-Filament-Guide, there: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1294264

because my filament go everytime outside of the spool during the printing process that which eventually block the thread and stops extrusion while finishing my blocked nozzle...

This filament guide help and resolve the problem...

Thanks again...

by encros

How about a spacer that will fit the Gizmo Dorks filament? It's got a 56mm center hole and are about 64mm wide.

How much plastic does it take to print the top mount with everything I need to hold 2x1kg spools at once?

The FlashForge Dreamer will be my first 3d printer and I'm wondering if the 700g ABS that comes with it will be enough or if I should buy another 700g roll before I can move on to 1kg ones.

May 4, 2015 - Modified May 4, 2015

I made some estimates as to the time and material required to print.






Total for two

Hopefully someone else finds this useful.

Comments deleted.

yikes 2x spool stand need 14hrs to print :)

i got an estimate of 1:20 for 1 stand

Oct 2, 2015 - Modified Oct 3, 2015
Aero3D - in reply to Nextramo

That would likely be at a very low fill density. To support the weight of full reels you need at least 70% fill which will increase print time significantly. Worth it though, unless like me you find it warps right at the very end. Grrr...

Just printed the tall stand, 15.5 hr, and zero warping. Sorted by adding a wider rear fan guard plate to prevent the platform cooling when the rear fans kick in. I noticed when they do the platform temp dropped by 5 degrees. Now, with the wider plate fitted the platform only drops by 1 degree when the fans kick in. Result!!

Comments deleted.