Subdivision Bracelet

by nervoussystem Mar 15, 2011
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Turned out great. Nice design! Works really well with ninja flex

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

What software are you using to create this model to get the voronoi style?

Nicely printed on the Davinci 3D on normal settings, no raft, no supports. However turned to plastic mush when printed a second using the finest settings.


I changed the orientation as you see in my picture. I used the standard settings for medium resolution. No raft, no supports, bare building Plexiglas platform.
When printing the bottom and top parts, use a flat metal object and hold it where needed to support the filament when the extruder passes. Not too much trouble as it requires your attention only at the beginnig and end of the process.
Have fun!

It's churning away on a MakerBot Rep5 right now, I wanted to push MakerWare a bit, I went ahead and specified that it should build it with supports. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

I think I'm going to try this on my Prusa i3, what layer height/supports do you recommend? Thanks!

Made today with MakerBot Replicator 2x. Worked like a charm, now I just need to polish the supports off.

how long did it take you to print in the Replicator 2x?

btw, could you shrare what you printed?

Charm? sound good!

I'd like to try this too.

I love your designs. Can I read more about how you did them somewhere?

nervous with dashes between all the letters .com is their website.

RARA, I'm trying it today on R2

i tried with support material and it worked ok, was a complete nightmare getting it all off though, took ages.

Has anyone made one of these with a makerbot? Have been attempting with my rep2 with no luck...

Awesome! My wife came home with one of these last year at the ICE Winter Fair in Atlanta. She bought it from someone - hope it was you! Thanks for posting it!

Excellent! My wife loved it as her fourteenth wedding anniversary gift. :-D

The traditional gift is ivory, and since I'm not a big game poacher nor want to support those that are, this bracelet is an excellent alternative!

Thanks for sharing! :)

I printed it in ABS. It seems strong enough for occasional wear, but is there a way to strengthen it further; a coating or po

Could you maybe make it in a thinner one too for guys to wear. also, If some sort of color could be fit inside it that would be AWESOME

Looks great. What machine did you make it on?

We normally make them with SLS nylon, so I don't know about its strength in ABS. In the nylon they are plenty strong. ABS is supposed to be more durable, but I don't know how print quality might play into that.

I printed it on an UP! printer: the layer thickness is 0.02mm. I'm going to spray it with polyurethane as a strengthening measure.

tried printing this one and it turned out to be a mess, needs support but it got all tangled in with the print. these are really fantastic objects to print thanks again.

I've been in love with your bracelets since I first saw them.. Thank you so much for making them available!

That's a beautiful print!

Nice designs! Thank you! O:-)

thanks for uploading your designs here

Someone with a TOM+Mk6 needs to attempt this :D

This is gonna be the first thing I print on my ToM when I finish getting my Mk6 together... maybe tonight! :)