M3D Mounted Spool Holder

by ilikesanta Mar 2, 2015
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Don't suppose you would be willing to post cad or openscad files of these pieces, would you? I am trying to add a filament guide to the spool shaft and can't get OpenScad to render the spool shaft with any other objects in the same file.

Will this work with the Pro version of the M3D? If so - how is the weight on the thin plastic of the M3D? I would think it would deform (rack) over time?

I have no idea if the dimensions of the frame are the same on the Pro And Micro?

Does it work with the Micro M3D

Yes that was it's intended purpose

It can have many functions used in our daily lives.

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If you turn off the skirt, it will fit in the print bounds.

will not let me print on my m3d tells me that it is too big can it be placed or resized and still work?

I'm receiving an error that the, "model cannot be printed because it outside the printable bounds of the printer". I noticed in some comments below that they reference some set of instructions. In the downloaded zip I grabbed, I didn't see any instructions.

Just setup my M3D today, and was able to print out the spool shaft without issues. I'm using the V1.4.2.6 version of the M3D software... Not sure what would helpful in narrowing down this issue, but please let me know. Looking forward to putting this to use.

For future users with the same issue, I was able to print by rotating the left arm 105 degrees and the right arm 75 degrees (Z-yaw). No issues with the shaft in default orientation.

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Getting same error
i'm using the Mac version 1.4.25

I've noticed in different versions of the software, the print bed changes "size". I could print something on one version and then the next one it was too big. It's possible that My spool holder is too big, My only suggestion is in the software try rotating the model on the print bed? (Z-axis I wanna say?) Worse case is to pick a different spool holder.

I tried rotating 15 degrees on the z axis, but it still gave me the error when I actually attempted to print. Up until actually printing everything was fine.

Any idea on where to get a previous version of the software? Really like this spool holder.

I'm having the same issue. Can't download this. It say file has been moved or deleted. I'm a member. I've tried to download them a few times. Once or twice it came up with incomplete file. I'm wondering if something happened and the file has gotten corrupted. I've also tried to download them to my dropbox and to my model file. No luck.
Anyway, there seems to be a problem. I've even tried using IE and firefox, thinking.. well maybe! I was able to download the modified version with both arms on the bed, from the other place, but it doesn't have the spool shaft. Now I gotta find one of those!

Files re-uploaded give them a shot.

Ok I'll reload the files in the next couple of days. I wonder what happened?

The M3D keeps giving me an error when I try to pull over any of these 3 files. "There was an error opening the file. Please check to make sure the file is valid." Any ideas?

Your the first person claiming to have issue with the files not working. I'm assuming you can open other files from thingiverse? A possible work around is try opening the files in another program like blender and try re-saving them under a different name. Maybe try redownloading them and put them in a different file folder?

I haven't had trouble opening or printing anything else. I'll give the Blender work around a shot. Thanks

From which side are you guys using it? Mine is on the opposite side of the cable that leads to the printhead. A lot of you have it on their sides, 90 degrees from the cable. Is there a reason for that? I thought that if the printhead drags the spool in a straight line it should be less problematic, but a lot of you have it on the sides. Any reasons?

No real reason, just easier to watch your prints and grab them from the front with out the spool in the way.

This is the reason that I have it on the left side.. the head will pull from any side.

best print I've done yet on my m3d

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Perfectly designed. Thanks!

good but easy misstake. We not make the piston larger in diameter or longer arms? now it's barely scraping agaist the plastic of the M3D

Thanks for uploading this! Solved my internal filament jamming issues and works WAY more efficiently than internal filament loading.

Perfect! Strong enough to hold everything, simple enough to where I didn't spend all day babysitting the printer. Thank you!

Amazing, thank you so much! my prints are always successful now, before I had issues with the filament coming out.

Thank you for this spool holder. I have had too many problems with the internal one. I printed in black PLA from M3D, high detail with medium infill.

Printed in PLA last night and worked great. My raft came up a bit on the tip of both arms, but it didn't really effect the pieces function. The raft on the spool bar though is going to take some prying to get off lol.

What material are you guys printing with? I've had problems after problems with the arms via ABS. Trying white HIPS now (don't have PLA).

Were you prtining the arms flat? Mine is warping like crazy and even with HIPS the part is coming off the raft. Tried printing vertically however failed w/o support. Printing vertically w/support right now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Just got my Micro and haven't had a lot of good luck. Thanks!

I've only printed in PLA but It sounds like you need to turn up the default temperature. Try going up by 5 or 10.

I'm guessing that the bar that goes across wouldn't fit an average 1Kg Spool? And if it did would I have to somehow weight the printer on the other side? I preoerdered for February so hopefully my printer will ship soon

No, it's only meant to hold small spools and it can hold M3D filament perfectly. It can do a spool diameter of 12cm and a spool width of 6cm. I can make the bar a little bit longer but not the arms are about as long as they can get so that it can still be printed on the M3D. You should try this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:731318 so you can hold bigger spools.

Customizable spool holder for M3D printer

How did this not make the printer too top heavy? This design is really cool, but I feel like the printer would just tip over?

I was thinking the same thing. I am in the middle of printing the spool holder now since it seems to work for everyone and it looks pretty good. But it definitely does looks like it would cause the printer to tip, lol.

The printer is plenty heavy you would need to add several more pounds of pressure to make it tip over. Just stay away from lead filament. :D

I printed the brackets without any problems. The foundation for the shaft went awry. The code laid down a rectangle and started to crosshatch. Then the print-head took off lengthwise, from one corner to the opposite corner, repeatedly along the same path, laying down a thick line.

Aborted the print. Any ideas? I'm new to 3D printing so bear that in mind.

OOPS! Just saw the Z axis rotation comment . . . never mind . . . :D

If you look at the instructions you'll need to rotate it 15* on the z-axis. It's a quirk with the current firmware.

are you printing this on the max resolution and solid?

Med. Rez. Med fill. You might be able to get away with low infill, I haven't tried it myself.

How the heck does one rotate the z-axis in the M3D software?
I have Not been able to successfully print the shaft, but the arms look great.

If you select something to be printed, click on the printer and you will zoom in, on the left there are 3 icons, one of them lets you rotate the model.

NM - had to downgrade the printer firmware

NM - had to downgrade the printer firmware

NM - had to downgrade the printer firmware

This will be my first print when my M3D eventually arrives. User 2316. Thanks for the design!

when i try and print the shaft, it piles up in back and drags print head through it. I have recalibrated and still does it. any ideas?



as suggested by others, if you rotate Z 15 degrees it seems to print ok with the bigger raft

Thank you so much for posting that! The Z-rotation trick solved the same problem for me.