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by Terminus Mar 3, 2015
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I haven't remixed this particular spool. It works. The design might be stretched to accommodate longer cords. I have published a few other cord-wraps, specific to various needs, like an electric shaver. A 12volt cigar / lighter automotive cord...
Did you have something in mind?

I was looking at this model and your earbud model and both halves could probably be created to be printed side by side and then snap-fit at the center so you can print with little or nor support material. Better yet, I wonder if you could just create one single half-side that can be duplicated/printed twice and then rotated to be snap-fit together w/o the need for a side-a and side-b piece...

I took your suggestion and designed a 2 identical half, of the taller spool.

The original used: 87 grams. Raft + support = 45g. Finished part = 42 grams.

The half-sections: 37.3g (x2 = 75 g). Raft was 13.6 grams (x2 = 27 g), and Support only 1 g (2 g). Finished part = 22.7 (x2) = 45.4 grams.

So basically the 2-part assembly weighs about 3 grams more, and saves just 12 grams of material. That was disappointing. The Afinia printer uses 7 layers of raft, and that's where the large majority of waste is.

Even more disappointing was the little tabs that attach the 2 halves are delicate and a couple broke on assembly. ABS is too stiff to bend much, plus the layering is a serious weakness.
And without glue, the assembly's strength is limited by these very weak points. I used the standard tab-into-slot something like Octave filament spools use.

However, I might have a better way to snap these together. If it works out, I'll post a remix. If not, stick a fork in it....

Yes, I can see that either thing could be 2 identical halves, including the snap-fit section, and that method could eliminate all support. It never crossed my mind during the two projects.

It's a joy, and almost a privilege, to be able to make almost anything in one piece, and I'm just not thinking multi-piece construction, unless I'm forced to. The need for multiple parts happens, but only rarely, and can usually be "cured" by further design effort.

With this cord thing, I'd already printed a few before weighing anything, and was shocked at the amount of raft and support, so I mentioned it in the instructions, as a warning to others.
There seems to be a recent "movement" going on, to reduce or eliminate support. I'm not sure why. I think it's mainly because support is difficult to remove. But that's not the case with my Afinia printer. The software is very smart, and the machine is precise enough to make supports and rafts very easy to detach.

So, for me anyway, it would boil down to material economy, and I gladly sacrifice that for the design simplicity and functional integrity of one-piece construction.