Yet Another 80mm fan grille

by rue_mohr Mar 3, 2015
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Doing a mod to the controller box of my Monoprice Maker Select V2 to add a larger fan and I needed a grill for the fan. This is exactly what I needed. Printed with Monoprice PETG at 245/80, .2 layers, 40% infill for strength, at 45mm/sec speed.

thanks :-) many people seem to like this one. I'd have never put money on it being so popular.

I tried to slice this in S3D 100% infill and 3 outer layers but the honeycomb mesh was way to brittle and shattered upon releasing from my build plate.

By chance were you using a translucent color PLA?
What material is your bed plate? is it heated?

Headed bed (Aluminum w/ BuildTac) @ 60, using White PLA from a local shop. haven't had issues with other prints so far.

It is great model. But very hard for printing :) With Cura I print this grill around of 3 hours. Too many "dry" movements, I think it is problem with slicer. Anybody can help to improve slicer configuration for equal models?

I dont know, I use slic3r.

ok, if you dont want to officially SAY you printed one, maybe just add a commet 'printed' or something?
80 dosnloads and 9 printed???? mmmmm....

Just wanted to say thanks for this it works great. I have one on my printrbot 80mm fan and one on a lawnmowing robot (sabertooth controller cooling). Thanks!

We also now provide a less popular 60mm fan grill!
Get now, while quantities last! 2202469


When this is scaled to 60mm it didn't fit on my 60mm fan. The holes were misaligned at that size.

Please see thing # 2202469
Happy makes!

I applegize, as the previous comment stated, yes, scaling this grill dosn't work
HOWEVER I have a 60mm version I will post right now JUST FOR YOU :)
Please sit by...

Thank you! I really like the honeycomb look over the other options.

but if you scale this down to for example 50% (40mm fan) the mounting holes will be too small?!

My plan would have worked perfectly if it weren't for you meddling kids