X-Wing Miniatures game ship boxes

by DrMoribus Mar 3, 2015
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I've printed the aggressor file but my tie aggressor does not fit in. Is it the right file for the tie aggressor ?

I printed, and worked!

Very nice boxes.
Thank you very much for sharing these !

hey for some reason my lid doesnt print with any of these files does anyone else have this problem can anyone help me

Out of curiosity, When using paperclips/steel wire, what do you use to make it stay in? (such as when using the filament you melt the end so it doesn't slide out but with metal)

I use a dot of super glue. You can also use a piece of 1.75 filament :D

These are awesome, using filament for the hinges is great. I print mine using .3mm for speed and it works fine. I run a 5/64 in drill bit through the hinge holes to make sure the filament goes in easy.

I was wondering if you were gonna be doing anymore storage boxes? I can't find a good U-Wing Storage Box...

The internal measurements for the starviper case come out to 65.65, and my own measurement of the starviper is 68.4. I went and measured specifically because when I printed an insert for a case of mine, using your starviper box's negative space, it was far too small. All of the other boxes I have used the negative space from have worked out perfectly, so this is strange to me.

This is incredibly awesome

Thanks so much for your time and effort in creating the boxes. There are just some ships that are too oddly shaped for conventional storage. I love the K-Wing box and would request if possible for a similar box for the ARC-170. These are IMO, albeit small, very fragile and more unwieldy than most.


Absolutely awesome work. Any chances at an update with the new ships out for Rogue One?

I don't suppose you have any interest in doing these for Star Trek Attack Wing? Or a few blank versions that could be remixed for use?

These are great! If you end up making wave 9 ships it would be greatly appreciated!!

Wow! Very nice work! Love these cases. Printing a slew of them off now. I have come across an issue with one model in particular. The M3-A Scyk box. The lid is a tad small. The box is approximately 2mm wider than the lid. That's not a huge deal, there a large gap in the hinges. There's about 3-4mm worth of play in the hinges. (So the lid can slide sideways by 3-4mm. Not a huge deal, but thought I would point it out.

Do you add any Foam or anything to keep them from sliding around?

I've made a few of these but the tabs on the front of the lids keep snapping off when I try and close them. Any idea how to fix this?

Typically that is because you are not getting good layer adhesion. You would need to calibrate your printer and your temps for your filament. A "quick fix" would be to print the lids vertically "on their edge" so the hinges and latch are up and down rather then flat on the print bed. This makes them stronger so they can't "snap off". but will need support material to print.

Hi. Thank you very much for your work.

Already you have made the case Ghost and Phantom?

Will be testing one of these out this week on the printer I have access to. One thing I would love to see on these is a spot to house the stand as well with the ship. I always seem to misplace those...

I really like your boxes.
My only problem is that my Printer uses 3mm filament so I don't have any 1.75mm filament at hand. Paperclips work very well though. :)

Are you planning on making a box for ghe Ghost and Phantom soon?

Hi Witt,
Thanks :) Paperclips are a great idea, I'll add it to the text, thanks.

I've actually done the Ghost and Phantom box, but the Ghost is so massive I had to do it a different way. I'll get them uploaded when I can.

Comments deleted.

I just measure the box (sorry it took me so long time). The length of the middle of the box (from engine to the end of the bow of ship) is 44,5 mm.
The X-Wing in the same place when measured are:
First one is 45mm.
Second one is 45,3 mm.
Third one is 45,5 mm.
Forth one is 45,2 mm.

So, it's the 3d printer fault?

That's really strange. It seems like your printer is shrinking the boxes. The actual size of the inside should be 46.5 or close to that. That's the size of the 3D model, there will be some variation but it won't be much.

Hey there! i love these boxes and i've been printing them out and i had an idea. We usually play 120 point games which is about 3 ships. if you put a tongue and groove on each side of the box they would connect nicely to carry safely and look cool on the table.

Just a thought :)

At the start I wanted to thank you for all the great work that you are doing here :). It was one of two reasons I signed up to this page :).
The second reason was a question. Did you have any information about problems with fitting X-Wing (T-65) into the Boxes?
I have 4 X-Wing ships. 1 from core (first core), 2 form X-Wing booster and 1 from GR-75 transporter. Friend of a friend have printed me a sample box from your shared files. The 1 from core fits tightly (I must pull it out very carefully to not damage it). The 2 from boosters can't slightly fit. The last one from the rebel transport expansion doesn't fit a lot.
And now I'm wondering is it 3d printers fault, or maybe the FFG is selling slightly different models of X-wing (maybe some region specification - I'm from Poland). I have photos if you curious to see them.

P.S. Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker ^^.

Hi Solony,
Thanks I'm glad you like them :)

I also have 4 T65 Xwings (2 Core (from about 6-8 months apart), Booster and the Transport pack) and they seem to fit OK for me and they are all the same size. I'm not sure what to suggest, I'll double check the files to make sure I've not accidentally made it smaller when I last updated it.

Since the xwings all fit differently either the boxes are different sizes, which suggests irregularities in the printing, or the xwings are different sizes, which seems unlikely due the manufacturing process.

Very strange! you could measure the ships and boxes to make sure they at least are all the same size? Keep me posted.

Hi DrMobius,
I promise to measure the ships and the box. It could take a while, because I don't have any tools with me. At maximum I will answer about the measurements at the beginning of the march.
I will also try to ask the friend of a friend, are they sure they printed it good ^^.
Have a nice evening :).

Are you able to make a Tie Punisher box?

Hopefully soon :)

great files
any chance of putting the Kwing box on as seperate parts (box and lid)

Thanks Fox40, I have added the Kwing box and lid as separate files as you requested.

Thank you for that

These are fantastic! Using them with my ships, thinking of putting some sort of fabric liner inside. Would love to see a Tie Fighter T/O box ;)

Thanks Benifir, I'd love to see pics of fabric lined ones, that would be awesome!

The TIE/FO is a remodeled version of the standard TIE, but I think the dimensions are exactly the same so the box should still fit. I'll have a try next time I play with someone who uses one.

the ball is slightly taller from the different hatch sculpt and the support struts for the panels are a touch more boxy, so it may or may not affect it depending on the tolerances of the model & the printer.

At first thank you for this great boxes. It was one of three causes for beginning this game ^^
Now I buy my first core set - the new one with the Xwing T-70. And the X-Wing Box is to small. I dont know the old Xwing. Have both the same size and I have not good print the xwing Box? My first box (HWK290) was a little bit to small and I grind it. Or anyone an idea for a scale up?

I've added a T-70 X-Wing box now

Thanks for letting me know about the HWK box too Brataccas, I've updated the STL and made it slightly larger, should fit better now.

Great to hear you're playing X-wing :) The T-70 is a different model from the T-65, so it's unlikely to fit correctly even with scaling up. All the boxes are tested with the ships they should fit to, that's why I've only done the ones listed here because I have to wait to get my hands on the ships before I make the boxes. I'm not sure I'll be doing the T-70, it's a time issue really.

hey mate, I dont want to get into the whole Star wars / Star Trek thing - but is there or do you know of something similar for the Star Trek Attack Wing vessels???

I love both franchises to be honest. I've not come across anything for the attack wing ships unfortunately. I don't have any plans to make them at this time either.

Just putting my $.02 in for some scum ships. Your boxes are awesome, I've printed nearly every one with no issues so far. Thank you for your time. Specifically, I would love to see a box for the M3-A Interceptor, Kihraxz Figher and Starviper.

Hi, sorry for the delay getting back to you, crazy month! Ideally I'd like to round out the current waves, but I'm struggling for time at present, hopefully one day I'll be able to fill in the gaps.

Your boxes are awesome and I have made them for all of my ships so far! Great design and work perfect. have you or anyone experienced any shrinkage with them. all of them printed perfect but i have had to scale up the Slave1 ship and the y wing about 5%? Ill post some pictures of your amazing boxes soon.

I have had the same issue with the y-wing, just ever so slightly too small. There are nubs that stick out on the sides of the y-wing, It would fit otherwise. Not sure I want to print the whole thing +5% just increase the width by 1-2 mm.

The Z95 was a perfect fit.

Strange, my Y-wing fits fine (you can see in the photos), are you using the Rebel or Scum Y-wings? I wonder if there are differences in the models, I haven't noticed any tbh.

I checked, it was a regular Y-wing, but upon further inspection I did notice what looked like a manufacture defect. possibly causing my model to be just a little wider than it should be, I have a few y-wings and will check the rest later today when I have time.

Thanks nconsola, I've not experienced shrinkage myself, but some of them are fairly tight so I can well imagine that if your printer filament does shrink for any reason (I know PLA is susceptible to moisture and heat more than ABS) then I can imagine that may cause problems.

Any chance of you adding the Lambda-class shuttle I any time soon? Thx fo all

Hi xmon360, I don't know anyone with the Lambda shuttle at the minute so I can't get the measurements. As soon as I can get hold of one I'll add in the box, but I don't know when that will be just yet.

Hi DrMoribus, thanks for your fast answer.
I have the ship, if you tell me you need measurements, I give you ;)

I cannot thank you enough for this. Brilliant work.

Thanks BobaFettzroth! It was fun making them.

If you need measurements for E-Wing and StarViper , I should be able to provide them. ( though E-Wing shape can be copied from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:606224 " Custom bins for X-Wing miniatures ship " )

Custom bins for X-Wing miniatures ships
by Damage

Thanks kindly, no-one seems to want the E-wing or Starviper yet though!

I would love to have the E-wing box and the Starviper! Haha I am an avid X-wing player, and I have yet to find a good way to store them. Your boxes look amazing, and I can't wait to print them out today! =)

Any chance of you adding the Slave I any time soon? :)

Sorry, took me longer than I thought to get to it. Firespray box is added.

It looks like they were all uploaded in x3g (makerbot format) can you re-upload as STL? Thank you!

Yep, I was being dumb, thanks for letting me know! I've added the STL's.

YES! I'm actually testing the print now so it'll be up in a few days or so. Also adding the Decimator and Aggressor.

Very nice! As I use a printer that has 3mm filament, I don't have any of the hinge material so I will have to figure something else out. I am considering redesigning the lid hinges to have slight bulges instead of holes so the lids clip on. I have had success with other hinges like that before.

Or I could just cut off the hinges and make the cover a slide cover (not as optimal). I will be sure to post if I have a chance to try any of this. It will be a little while due to relatives visiting.

Hi Alluvian,
Any modifications or improvements you can think of would be great, and yes please post pictures! I like the idea of the bulges so you don't need the hinge pin. I've printed something that used that method in the past and it was a good idea.

Someone told me they used a straightened out paperclip as a hinge, which I'd never considered, maybe that's something you could try too?

I modified the hinges and printed out an Xwing box overnight. The hinge is working great, I need to sand down the latch a bit as I am concerned I will crack it if I try to close it how it is now. That hinge force being across the lamination lines worries me a little. Printed mine in ABS, I will put up a remix of the xwing box and some pics tonight. I will surely redo hinges on all the ships I own (only xwing, ywing, tie, tie advanced), but this gives me a good excuse to buy some MORE! Since it is pretty easy I will try to find time to remix the others as well while I am at it. My request for next ship would be the falcon! I should probably do that myself since I own it.

First test printed and uploaded: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:744621
This is just the Xwing box right now. I think I am going to strengthen the arms on the lid a little as well, I am using up some pretty bad ABS that really does not like overhangs.

Even so, the hinge is working great. The clip on the front broke off, I don't think I shaved it down enough before forcing it closed and open a few times.

X Wing Miniature game box no pin

Looking forward to seeing it, but that link doesn't work for me :(

Sorry, I am still to how this site works. I didn't publish it. Made some changes to the hinges to make them stronger. They work great in your design, but once I made them to interference fit then they had to be a little stronger. I also made the clasp a little thicker, and changed shape of the inside edge a little. Should work now. So far only xwing and tie fighter done. Don't have a lot of time to work on it right now. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:744621

X Wing Miniature game box no pin

Thanks for filling the gaps with the other boxes. I'm liking yours better (only done y-wing so far). The interlocking set seemed too loose for my tastes. The larger ones are nice, but maybe fit too snug and use a fair bit more material by comparison. Well done!

Thanks kindly! Glad you're getting on with them :) I'm adding the Scum faction logo soon and a few more boxes I've got in the works.

Sweet, I look forward to it. I just finished in the Tie Advanced box, that put me over the edge. Printing the rest to replace the big bulky ones I had before. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Dusty, hope they come out OK for you :) I've actually just done a Phantom, and I'll be adding a Defender in the next few days. I just need to print the Phantom to make sure it comes out OK then I'll upload it.

Comments deleted.

I look forward to printing one of these tonight.

My hopes are concentrated on a tuck box for the Tie Phantom next :-)

A big thank you to the design of the existing tuck boxes!