Dual E3D V6, Independently Height Adjustable Mount for Rostock Max V2 - Locknut Mod

by wcarver1 Mar 4, 2015
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Thanks for the design, this is to me the best rostock dual mod design. However, I am finding that when I print the larger of the two bottom parts, it does not fit around the neck of the heat sink. When I increased the size and reprinted, the part then falls out of alignment with the screws on the top part. I had to do some sanding to make the neck fit, which doesn't create a perfect fit, but works ok. Any suggestions? Is there something I'm missing? Thanks again.

Has anyone tried this on a rostock max V3 yet?

hi, i printed and assembled but how should I do the height regulation ?

I wonder which cold end are you using for doing this mod ?

x2 EZStruder with a modified faceplate for flexible filaments:

And Alextoff's Dual EZStruder mount:

EZStruder modified for soft filaments & TPE
Dual EZStruder Mount for the Rostock Max V2

The V2 parts seem to be problematic. There's a lot of non-manifold vertices, and something about the modified version is giving slic3r problems beyond that. I haven't quite figured out what slic3r doesn't like about it yet, but it takes a very long time processing it and eventually runs out of memory where the original parts process in a few seconds. I tried cura on it just for fun and cura segfaults on it.

Try the *_fixed versions.

The fixed versions are closer; the non-manifold vertices are gone anyway. It looks like something in the process changed the scale of the part, slic3r is reporting it to be 1000 times larger than the original (units issue, m vs mm?), so it was running out of ram generating the tool paths for a part that size. Unfortunately slic3r's ability to scale parts is limited to integer values, so I can't put in .1%, but when I'm home from work this evening with more time to tinker, I'll try scaling it down in something else and see if that works.

I'm having no issue scaling to 0.001 which converts the meters of the part file to millimeters. In short, when I remix a file from STL format, SW brings it in with units of meters regardless of the original file units. If the file is then modified and scaled, not all the vertices scale with the modifications so I tend to leave units as meters and export to STL, then scale by 0.001 prior to slicing.

Slic3r does a nice job at slicing, but it's pretty limited at manipulation. That said, I pulled it into meshlab real quick and it scaled down nicely there, and it looks great in slic3r now. Thanks for your help!

Ran these on our uPrintSE through CatalystEX which is notoriously forgiving of crappy geometry. I should probably get in the habit of post-processing these as SW seems to like barfing out crap STLs...